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Infrasound/brown noise and EVP

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Hi all, 
I did a small experiment yesterday, whereby I run 14hz (infrasound) through a app on my phone into the lite or Crystal  bridge (As I call it now) then recorded to the soundcard on my PC, I got these results, they are only short spoken, but I feel it's a start. 
I approximately recorded 3 mins session and got the first three below yesterday. 

Then, today I added white noise into the recipe, and got a two very light quiet EVP voice, very hard to hear??


What can you all hear in these samples below? Feel free to enhance more than I have already done (Hiss reduction  and raised the vocals so far)   ((((Headphones required!!)))) 
Take care, Lance 





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Hey Lance. An ingenious idea you had. I quickly checked the schematic of the Light Bridge frontend. With 14 Hz the input signal is dampened roughly by 13dB. Though the remaining signal to modulate the LED is about 20%. Theoretically this still can cause an effect if the output level of your smartphone was high enough.

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