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  1. Laurence ( vincent )

    Presentation of visual transcommunication via perlin
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  2. Laurence breton (vincent)

    Le 25 mars 2021 
    • 23 images
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  3. séance du cénacle du 23 juin 2021

    Voici les photos TCI / ITC que j'ai faite sur le Perlin durant la séance de groupe... 
    et J'ai pût chanter... durant cette séance en coupant mon micro pour ne pas vriller les oreilles de mes partenaires du groupe...  🤣
    • 23 images
  4. laurence (vincent) breton

    Séance brume du  8 Aout 2021
    • 21 images
    • 2 image comments
  5. Laurence ( vincent )

    Presentation of visual transcommunication via perlin
    • 50 images
  6. seance du 1 juin 2021

    • 8 images
    • 6 image comments
  7. laurence (vincent) breton

    Séance du 14 juillet 2021
    Présentation de la Transcommunication visuelle via le perlin 
    • 41 images
  8. laurence séance du 05 aout 2021 perlin

    Durant la séance du 05 aout 2021 perlin 
    • 32 images
  9. laurence narej

    hello friends, it's been a long time since I posted my results, but I have not stopped practicing, continuing to participate in the spiritual meeting on Wednesday evening and Tuesday, with Louis in the circle of French.
    Ok ! I will try to put what I got these last months ...
    Anyway, I like this site ...
    stay healthy friends, I've been through the cancer storm these past few months. I'm doing really well. I tell you, researchers, and let's not forget, our role is to bring evidence to the world. We will get there, never get discouraged because it is the future and we are the forerunners. We must all continue our quest and share our experiences here, varanormal is the site of the future to allow everyone to move forward on the ground. 
    of the association Narej frequency life
    • 27 images
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  10. Keith's Album

    • 60 images
  11. Karyn

    • Album created by Karyn
    • Updated
    • 3 images
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