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Healing Devices and ITC

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Energetic healing devices may be drawing on some of the same principles as ITC so are worth learning about. Here are some references on biofield devices. The first is a quick category list. The second is a commercial site (Etsy) where a lot of representative devices can be found. The third is an academic paper on the topic. 

Categories include orgone, multi-wave oscillators, sacred geometry, scalar wave, Heironymous, radionics, biophotonics, bioresonance, PEMF, HRV, optogenetics, electroceuticals, torsion field, gas/plasma, neuro-acoustic, ultrasound, biofeedback, gas/plasma, Tesla coils, EMF devices, and more. Not to mention measurement technologies like Rife and equivalents, dark field microscopy, bions (Reich), infrared/heat, Kirlian, etc.



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Tesla Coil - that's encouraging! Did you keep records? If one were to replicate, do you remember the specs of the coil, and other parameters of the experiments? How long ago was it?  It's probably easier to buy customized coils today than it was years ago. I wonder about others who might have experimented with this too. 

Orgone accumulators - worth looking into. They can relax and energize the experimenter for better results, theoretically. And maybe some EMF effects that could enhance ITC. 

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I believe there are different things that can heal us, most notably I think of Royal Rife.

My Dr has some machine in her office that she doesn't use that is proprietary.

My personal challenge with this is I don't trust anyone else's interpretation of what frequencies do what. Therefore my preference is singing, working out, diet.

Not to say I don't constantly disappoint myself with my progress, or sometimes lack thereof 🙂

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Rife was ahead of his time. Using old technology, he was able to create a light microscope that magnified almost to the molecular level, non-destructively, unlike electron microscopes. It allowed him to visualize organic processes unlike none before him. It showed tiny organelles appearing and disappearing out of the ethers, inside of cells, similar to Reich's bions. He experimented with healing frequencies, and it worked. His work was destroyed and suppressed, same as happened with Tesla and Reich. 

The microscope has been replicated. And now there are new technologies that can do the same. Dark Field and Bechamp are similar. There are also Rife frequency devices used in healing. 

With regard to ITC, if some of those frequencies can be shown to trigger the transport of bions through the ether, we might want to experiment with them, as ITC appears in that boundary between subtle energy and matter.  

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