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William Treuniet: A prelude to The Zeta Interviews


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In the video below, Inge Crosson, Director of the Wallacia Development Center, introduces William Treurniet, a retired scientist, who shares his experiences of talking to members of the extraterrestrial Zeta Race through trance medium Paul Hamden. William spent more than 5 years interviewing the Zetas and he and Paul have co-written "A Primer of the Zeta Race' and 'The Zeta Interviews'. Paul has also published the article "A Cosmology Founded on Intrinsic Attributes of Consciousness" in the Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research which is available at http://www.treurniet.ca/zetacom/JCER-.... William can be contacted at wtreurniet@gmail.com
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Indeed, I shall try to remember. 
I guess I know in my head and forget to convey that the Zammits do not charge people for their work on their Afterlife Friday Report or Zoom groups, and on the flip side neither will they pay anyone who speaks in Zammit zoom meetings. Thanks for the reminder.

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Thank you Karyn. A very valid point. 

To anyone reading this: this information is provided freely, without any cost to the general public. 

Victor and Wendy Zammit at http://victorzammit.com have spent thousands of hours to bring this information to the general public. 

With Karyns help of course.

It is wise to examine motive when considering new information. 

We challenge new readers to give this information the benefit of the doubt, and to decide for themselves:

What is likely to be true,  what can be replicated, what truths can we expand upon?

And for that, we thank you.

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