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  1. https://fb.watch/v/adoiF6NVy/
  2. Hi Sharron These questions have been asked before so I can just relay the information Its been stated by beings called the Annorians that they exist in a void and they created everything, including the universe and matter, life and the capacity for life to produce. I would expect that since this process took place it would be similar to a big bang as its called. No race knows how many races there are as the universe is so expansive no race has journeyed to each area of the universe. Regards
  3. Ron They wont answer the question as they will not know what gateway you are referring to, Sorry.
  4. I will suggest that we ask the Zetas your question in a different way (As human terms that describe things do not work with the Zetas) Example : "Have you seen or heard of a mechanism called a gateway that is a central point for spirit realm beings" Ron, Since this is a EVP, is the gateway a reflection of spirit realm of ET contact, in your opinion?. The reason i ask this is, there are many gateways. The Zetas have spoke of them in regards to dimensional contact and races contacting each other.
  5. Hi Ron Where did you hear the words Gateway Central? (I've not heard that term before) The Zetas wouldn't understand that term. Are you referring to the Gateway? And Dimensions are relative to the entities abilities to perceive layers of frequency via consciousness regards
  6. The Zetas have asked that we get a list of questions from the public. These questions can cover any area. We will then respond in two ways. We will provide a verbatim text based response to the people (via this site). Secondly, we will run a zoom session and I will answers the questions as well (in a discussion forum) and then place the Q and A onto YouTube. I hope that people will take this opportunity as it will be very limited. PS: All question should be posted under this topic. Regards Paul
  7. " The governments should reveal all hidden evidence related to UFOs and alien encounters to the general public – especially concrete physical evidence. Thus, I am eagerly waiting Pentagon new report at the end of this month (?) related to US navy footage concerning their documented alien crafts (UFOs/USOs)." I'm also waiting to see what happens. I'm glad i can talk from my own experiences with the race as to me its very important to be clear. Months ago i had someone contact me and demand that the zetas come to their house, he decided that he was mature enough for contact. Over many weeks, daily i was asked for contact and in the end i got a bit frustrated with it all and said "ok". I really wondered what was going to happen to this person. The next day I was contacted by a very scared person (The same individual) and he said. "Last night my wife and I were at home and we heard a noise outside. We then both moved towards the front door to look out side and we saw a being walking towards the house". They both then ran terrified and hid in their room. I said to him "What did you expect was going to happen?" He then said to me... "I want them to come back tonight, i promise i wont be scared" I said "You had your chance" Humans will never react the way they believe they will in contact...no matter how you believe you will. ...... When they (gov) disclose, then there is a possibility that races may disclose as well. We have been told by the zetas that disclosure will NOT take the form humans want. As someone who works closely with the race and has had to develop so i could even be in their space (due to frequency differences) This took me two full years of training by them to achieve. To get to the point that i could even be with them for longer than a few minutes without being burnt. I know and so does the race that humans want contact in evidential ways. I ponder on what would happen to religious belief systems across the globe, the control mechanisms of governments.. if they did disclose fully. But let me finish on this note. If you or anyone as a person had spent many years developing contact and it had supported hundreds of people to wellness, and you had also had evidential contact with others with you. Would you place in jeopardy the beings you work with to make them evidence themselves by coming here and landing in this hostile environment? (even for just for a few people?) Think about this, because I must take responsibility for any being who is injured or craft harmed. I don't think that people really understand in any way how races think, and what responsibility we have as experiences to those races in our contact. If they had never come, landed and been seen by others I would fully understand why people should question my contact. But at some point the calls for the race to evidence themselves seems to never end. Example: They come and evidence themselves to a group of 4 people, two of those people cant stay conscious in the contact and so pass out. The other two are in altered states due to frequency issues, afterwards they acknowledge they had an encounter. Then, next month another group demand evidence. Where does it end? Who is sufficient as a evidential witness for contact? (that the planet would fully agree that was evidential) Lastly, The Zetas have said to us "It will never be enough" and they mean that no matter what they do it wont be enough for humanity. But thanks for your post it is certainly interesting.
  8. It's important to see people evidence healing from spirits and others. Any time we step forward and acknowledge whats been done for us we support those who love us in many realms. regards
  9. Hi Keith, William has done a massive amount of work documenting the trance communications from the Zetas. Its been an amazing journey and of course William has also developed the cosmology book from the information from The Zetas and also other areas. I've just finished my book called The Zeta Mind, it is a handbook for evidential contact with any race. I just did a youtube clip with Wendy Zammits global group as well. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/AHiWfv11Ffs I and my partner (another life long contactee with the Zetas) are continuing on in many areas of development at this point. Things like: We created a new web page The-Zeta-Connection.com it has a lot of current information on it as well as weekly blog posts. Developing my partner (who sat as a physical medium) as a trance medium for the zetas to speak through (it's going well) Getting weekly contact with the zetas in the house (crazy and very interesting) Doing workshops and healings with the zetas supporting humans - very busy in that area Also, doing online counselling for contactees to help understand their experiences with different races. I remember your ITC work from many years ago when i used to visit your stream and we used to influence it, it was a very good learning process, for focused intention with spirits. good to hear from you Regards
  10. Hi Keith, Im trying to understand your comment regarding my post? Did you think William posted the last comment? Sorry for the confusion.
  11. Hi Karyn, I was referencing the documents that were attached to the previous conversation and not the global chat, regards.
  12. I see in the discussion extract that there is a suggestion that medical practitioners and scientists should be involved in the communication processes to validate or dispute my mediumship. What isn't known by the public is that on two occasions I allowed a team of 8 or so scientists and others to sit and discuss with the zetas through myself for three hour period. This was a very intense process and was also very successful. At one point they asked that a zeta appear in the room and within a minute or so two scientists outside of the room came in startled and said they had seen "an alien" (which i thought was amusing) I look forward to the disclosure process for UAP so we can all move forward in the conversations. Regards
  13. There are around 63 specific races that make up the Gray species. It was easier for me to then understand the differences between information or actions of races when I realized this.
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