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Recording from Fort Nelson Hampshire

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Hi all, this recording was made in one of the prison cell's in Fort Nelson on Portsdown Hill in Portsmouth Hampshire with my Sony ICD-B16 digit recorder. You will hear me ask if there is anyone here from world war 2, after which you'll hear a male voice say something like Bovington. Now I'm not 100% certain that's what the capture says. However I know these cells where used during ww2. And after investigation. Bovington Camp is a British Army military base in Dorset, England. Together with Lulworth Camp it forms part of Bovington Garrison. So it is quite possible service personnel where station here from Bovington camp during the war. 

Screenshot_20210522-150724_Aqua Mail.jpg

Screenshot_20210522-150840_Aqua Mail.jpg


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Also a very impressive recording, especially because I heard a German voice.  It said "Wurden Kessel ". Figuratively speaking this means "We were surrounded ". Then another voice said something like "Wir haben Glück " what means "We are lucky "

Did any german Wehrmacht soldiers ever were imprisoned  in this facility? I suspect these guys were happy  to be taken out of battle in one piece.

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