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Instructions for Perlin Noise Individual Experiments

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Hello experiment team!

These are the general instructions for the stage one, individual experiments with the Perlin noise images.

  • Go to this link: http://itc-station.org/perlin  (Chrome Browser is preferred)
  • Click on the box that says "Keith" at the end of the list of options next to the label "Load Parameters". It is very important that you all use this one setting, and if you don't, please indicate that in the report.
  • Wait for an image to show.
  • Click on "Catch a Picture", or press Enter, each time you see a face or something that seems to be the imprinted manifestation of a spirit.  Then click on "Download to your computer".
  • Mark, using some photo editing software, the areas of interest within each image. There can very well be more than one.

In this method, a "random" image is created by an online computer program using a technique known as Perlin noise. If you are curious, you can read all about that in this link

There is no fixed end date to this first stage of experiments, since each experimenter will progress at its own pace. However, the idea is to collect only a reasonably small number of samples. Use your intuition to decide when have you reach the correct number (for example, when the results starts to settle in characteristics).

When you have completely finished a run of experiments, say for a week or two, select only the top 5 images from the entire set. Those 5 images are your experimental results.

Write a Results Document containing:

  • The start and end date of the run of experiments.
  • Your name, or Club user name.
  • The answers to a short survey shown below.
  • As much as you can write about the conditions under which you conducted the experiments, such as preparations, environment, etc...
  • For each selected image (there should be just 5), the date and time it was obtained, and any relevant information, such as a reference to the identity of the spirit whose face was imprinted (you can just indicate that it is, for example, a family member, without given its actual name, if you prefer), etc...

Short Survey questions:

  1. Have you ever done any form ITC before?
  2. If so, which forms?
  3. Do you currently think it is possible for spirits to communicate via ITC?
  4. Have you ever done spirit images before?
  5. If so, using what method?
  6. Do you think it is possible to receive images from Spirit via ITC?
  7. Do you think it is possible to receive images from someone you know?

    Submit the results, that is, the document along with only the top 5 images.
    At this point, submit the results to the following location in the forum:  

    The purpose of this stage one is to gather results that can help the research team improve the methods.  This is to be considered end user's test. 

    These experiments are not yet intended to produce proof-oriented scientific results. That will follow once the team, and the more importantly, the Contact Channel, has stabilized.

    As you might have noticed, this here is a sub-forum within the club. Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, or discuss anything related to this one project (Perlin noise).
    General questions, suggestions and discussions about the experiment team should go to the general sub-forum within this club, named "General Discussions and Instructions" (not the general forum).

    IMPORTANT: Please read the topic FUNDAMENTAL RECOMENDATIONS for experimental sessions in the general forum within the club, before proceeding with the test sessions.

    Finally, when you do start with the experiments, please add a topic on this sub-forum to let us know you started.



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    • Administrators

    The objective of this site to have everyone contributing in their own way, and working as a group. Experiment team members will be responsible for sharing the data in the manner that is being requested, rather than the experiment team leader (Fernando) 🙂

    Since you guys are the first to show up, how about we shape it up a little more together before we start?

    This is the only way we will be able to manage the projects we have listed - is if the community comes together.

    Thanks! Keith

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    • Keith J. Clark changed the title to Instructions for Perlin Noise Individual Experiments
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