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Project 1: Perlin Noise

Hello experiment team! Your first mission - should you choose to accept it, is to discover...spirit images in Perlin noise!
This is your first mission, and an important one! In 2021 one of our research team members created a live video experiment using Perlin noise.
Perlin noise is supposed to be somewhat random, and it is used sometimes to create random landscapes and graphics in the computer world. Sometimes its even been used for video games!
When we first started experimenting with Perlin noise we began to discover something unbelievable...something quite...out of this world! When an experimenter focuses on this live Perlin noise with the intent to communicate....live faces begin to appear on screen!
Your mission is to experiment with this method. At first we'll ask you to use settings that we have found successful. This is to see if you TOO can be successful in helping people in spirit form their faces live, in the Perlin software! By using....YOUR energy field!
Once you become accustomed to the stream, your next task is to determine if this method is viable for spirit communication. And...to see...is there a difference between experimenting on your own or in a live group setting! In addition, can you produce experiment settings that are better than the ones we provide?
Be a pioneer...help us determine once and for all...can YOU help create live faces in software? Can you influence a random computer program remotely and have your will actually change physical matter - right in front of your eyes?
We need you to experiment and help collect samples of your work. Can Perlin noise be used by paranormal experimenters worldwide?
Bring your heart and a strong mind....all are welcome! For YOU may be the change that the world wants to see!!
Make a difference today.. Join our experiment group.
Humanity is waiting. Will you answer the call?
Be a pioneer. Be YOU. Join our experiment team today!


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