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Photos I took years ago

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I don't mean to spam the forum with my topics, so I hope nobody minds if I post the photos I took in 2012 or thereabouts, on a mobile phone camera while on a hike . . . I stopped to photograph some plants, but the shutter first seemed to freeze, then suddenly react of its own accord. I had the phone at arms length, trying to see what the problem was, when there were several bright, almost blinding flashes that seemed to come up from the ground, not the phone.  The main, large photo is the one I cropped various sections from, &  changed the lighting & contrast to bring out the details.  I originally posted these on a forum called, if I remember correctly, "Fairytastic" 🥺

I have always treasured these photos, as I believe Ican see faces, a choir, globes of light etc.  I'd be most grateful for any opinions, please - are the genuinely "paranormal" as I suspect, or just weird anomalies?

PS these were saved off that forum, as the phone died years ago & there's no longer any way to view the properties of the pictures, but I do assure you they are "real", not faked at all.







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Kir, this is so interesting! I've never seen anything like it before.  They all seem to be wearing white, except the one that looks like she is singing into a microphone.  Very cool!


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These are the most impressive spirit images I have ever seen! Clearly there is a big room or hall in the first picture and entities visible in the other pictures.

Most impressive are the dozens of orbs in one picture.

I assume you were in a region were dimensions overlap and portals open under certain conditions. Can you tell us at what place you have been?

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They are excellent.  I too have so many of these image types along with ones that quite different in wispiness etc.  We are pleased you are sharing your knowledge rather than not sharing.  Have you read the excellent book on orbs, called "The Orb Project" by Klaus Heinemann and Michael Ledwich.  One of them was a NASA scientist so it is a rigorous study.  I loved that you can ask them to come into your photos or to stay out.  We still do not yet have evidence of what they are.  There is a lot of speculation but no definitive knowledge.  Still that book is a classic on the phenomena.

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