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EVP Researcher from California


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First, I wanted you to know that I am thrilled to have found this site.  I have gathered some interesting information through EVP which I find that I'm left to contemplate on my own because no one I know has the same depth of interest in the subject.  I did not study the sciences, but I feel that I may be able to contribute to your efforts through sharing my practical experiences.  

I started to focus on this work in March of this year, with a brief encounter in 2016.  This is nothing compared to the many years most of you here have dedicated to bettering this form of communication and providing proof to the scientific community.  I've already learned how tedious it can be to review, record and catalog the evidence.  Not to mention the time and effort spent contemplating the results and formulating new approaches.  I find it a mind expanding and multi-faceted subject.

Even though I don't have much "air time" I feel fortunate to have received a good amount of communication, and of the type I believe to be of some degree of interest to this community.  I do have a hunger for wanting to understand how and why things work, and possess an investigative nature.  Though absent in scientific knowledge, I hope to contribute utilizing my areas of strength. 



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We are thrilled to have you with us.  We are truly a very diverse and global group which is excellent in these seemingly divisive times.  Andrea you may like to explain how you are getting your evp's so others may know what methods you are using.

We are also happy to give you another ear to listen to your clip to tell you what we hear.  Of course we do not want a thousand clips but some of us will endeavour to help you with another ear.

To do this more "scientifically".  Please post the the question - as you most likely have experienced sometimes the question is answered before you ask so you need to always bear that in mind. 


 So the steps are:  Post your Question, post the clip BUT DO NOT TELL US what you hear.  When you wish to wrap up the current ones being listened to then give your take.  There will be comments after that usually.  EVP has an element of subjectivity and it is not good to tell someone what you hear before they listen as it will colour their response despite doing our best to be impartial.  As I said we mostly all have jobs so responses may not be immediate.  For instance if you are in the northern hemisphere I will be zzzzzzzzzzzz as I am in Australia.  But as I said in the beginning we really are a very global group.

Happy EVP'ing

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Welcome to VARANORMAL Andrea! Be sure your contribution with whatever you want to participate in is honestly appreciated. Karyn already told you a well proven protocol to share your results. I just want to add that of course you maybe have your own way to do EVP sessions. For example, I never ask any questions since I started to feel the spirits rather want me to listen. Anyway, feel free to ask us any question you want and take your time to go through the content of all the forums and subforums. We hope our material will fuel your imagination!



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