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No 7 EVP Training with Anabela Cardosa

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In this new video Anabela Cardoso recaps the main steps to experiment with the EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), namely: 1. Select a quiet place where there are no uncontrolled noises. 2. Select a source of noise; if the operator aims at the DRV (Direct Radio Voices) the obvious choice will be radio noise, preferably in the Short Wave(SW) in a point of the tuning scale where there are no normal radio emissions, between two stations. 3. Sit down and become quiet and relaxed. 4. Record for 10 to 15 minutes and ask questions to your invisible communicators leaving an interval of 1 to 2 minutes between each question. 5. Keep a log of your experiments. 6. Thank your communicators and listen to your playblack preferably next day so that your ears are not tired. She again confirmed that there is no specific protocol for the DRV. Every single ITC operator who receives the DRV has started by the EVP experimentation. Anabela reveals that her Rio do Tempo communicators have told her that they “are endeavouring and working to establish contact with everybody in this [our] world interested in the next world”. To realize this project they need many people to try the contact. Dr Cardoso finishes by playing two different anomalous electronic voices, one recommending her to make contact through the microphone and a spontaneous one which occurred during a telephone conversation with two friends.

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 Thank you Karyn very much when providing Anabela Cardoso’s teaching videos on the forum. I went through all of them ( 1-7) during the last week. I also have her three books,  which are excellent and very informative.  She is able to present the essential facts of EVP phenomenon and research methods in a clear and comprehensible manner and her own results are remarkably deep.

Regardless of all the  research work which has continued now almost 70-80 years, the EVP phenomenon and paranormal voices are still  great mysteries and the main problems are – as I can see the whole scenario – as follows,  in the light of a few examples:

-          During the course of time many electronic , electromagnetic and optical  devices have been developed for communication between our world and the other dimensions, especially trying to reach our deceased relatives and the realm of The Dead. Unfortunately, the results have been quite modest and interactive communication is still far from desirable.

-          Evaluating paranormal voices (scientifically) is an extremely difficult task, because (1) We humans are part of the research process and not separate from it ( as many mainstream scientists still think). (2) Even our ”success rate” ( how easily we are able to pick paranormal voices) depends very much on our own energy level ( Orgone energy / Chi / Prana, Kundalini energy etc.). (3) According to the Eastern tradition ( mainly Hindu Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism  and Tantra ),  Prana follows the thought, which travels faster than light. The other basic claim in Tantric yoga is, that ”human consciousness has no limits”. The discoveries of ”the Eastern tradition” are nowadays approaching the concepts of modern nuclear physics.  Theoretical physics mentions imaginary particles (tachyons), which are able to travel faster than light. I parapsychology, there is also a theory related to the principle how PSI works and this might have a connection to tachyons, prana  and their function.

Tachyon - Wikipedia

-           Certain meditation techniques can expose a person to paranormal phenomena and the ability to  receive also paranormal voices. Thus , our own body and its energy fields and channels may play an important role in EVP-work and our (etheric/energy) body is probably  the main ”instrument” and ”device” to facilitate communication between the worlds.  But there are many contradictions involved: According to Anabela Cardoso, some superior beings have stated (Adolf Homes’ paranormal computer texts) that … ” we do not need your electromagnetic technique to switch your instruments on because silicon, nerve cell and consciousness are absolutely the same thing for us … ” AND ”… Our request to you (humans) is that identifying yourselves with your planet and all life in it because everything of you is formed of identical particles. To us silicon, nerve cell and consciousness are absolutely identical…”  Paradoxically,  for example in The Scole experiment – as far as the construction of "The Germanium Receptor" was concerned,  the ”spirit scientists” highlighted the importance of germanium as a building material in this device,  instead of silicon, although professor Ellison considered this selection inappropriate - especially thinking the basic rules in electronics and electromagnetism.

-          Anabela Cardoso also informs us, that according to the EVP-messages, the operators from the other dimension need to put the energies we work together through thought and mind energies and that there can be combination of certain energies to create voice. The voices also tell us that  ”… our concept of energy form does not correspond unequivocally to their reality. In their systems our current energy requirements are not necessary…”.

-          As I can understand, direct radio voices (DRV) transmit more in-depth knowledge about the other dimension(s) instead of ordinary EVP-messages.  Some experienced investigators / communicators consider that the ability to receive Electronic voices might be an innate gift or an  ability ( as a reference see quotation /attached PDF-document from Robin Foy’s book ”In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship”; Janus Publishing 1996; ISBN: 1-85756-248-8). According to this document,  It seems, that for some people the ability to receive EVPs is more easy than for the others and we don’t know exactly which factors are crucial and important in this process. The voices also tell us that ” contacting us (from their side) is sometimes extremely difficult for them when "energy levels" are declining.

-          Sometimes reflecting on the answers that inspire us the least, can be helpful in tracing the truth and developing critical thinking when looking at paranormal phenomena: Is it possible that we are not communicating with the spirits at all and that our communicators are something absolutely different ( aliens, interdimensional physical and mortal beings etc. ) ? Or are we discussing with ourselves ( our subliminal self or with some of our multiple personalities which might  manifest during hypnosis and trance ? Or are we able to collect information from our collective  subconscious mind  and project that as electronic voices using psychokinetic or some other unknown force. ? Why most of EVP messages are very trivial and don’t tell anything about the afterlife or other dimensions? Why our fellow sisters,  brothers and relatives beyond the border of death need  ”a specific permission” from some ”higher entities” to communicate with us ? Why some people are ” more suitable than the others for communication ? ”


-          Because there are marked differences between people as far as their ability or chances  to receive EVPs are concerned ( without any specific reason), it might be interesting to hear which type of electronic (paranormal) voices members on our forum have received recently and which type of method they have used. Clear paranormal voices –which are audible and understandable - at least  for all English speaking people – are appreciated. Copies of MP3 audio files presented on the forum might also be very useful.


-          EVP research as a method is superior as compared to seances, where pooled mental energy of the participants is essential for the manifestation of the phenomena. The prevailing Covid-19 pandemia prevents many planned meetings face to face. Many people – including myself – are not necessarily very willing to share all their spiritual or psychical experiences with everyone else and in this respect ”solo work” provides an opportunity – without using extra energy – to study a single paranormal phenomenon (EVP), the result of which can also be recorded and stored  in an electronic database as an audio file and a corresponding research protocol.



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In my humble opinion, an experimenter have to face any recording with serious respect, the sincere aim and devotion to that labour. The interpretation of the voices is a sort of art and the most of the time needs a lot of practice.

But in the same way that not all of us are excellent wine expert tasters or oil expert tasters, most listeners fail to decipher the messages. Care. Not listening doesn't mean the voices aren't there. Although for the very skeptical, even a very sharp voice will always be suspected of fraud. Therefore, the credibility of the experimenter is taken as a weighty reference.

By the way, I suscribe, complety, this following paragraph of GISMO5637, because I think that it could be my own case:

As I can understand, direct radio voices (DRV) transmit more in-depth knowledge about the other dimension(s) instead of ordinary EVP-messages.  Some experienced investigators / communicators consider that the ability to receive Electronic voices might be an innate gift or an  ability ( as a reference see quotation /attached PDF-document from Robin Foy’s book ”In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship”; Janus Publishing 1996; ISBN: 1-85756-248-8). According to this document,  It seems, that for some people the ability to receive EVPs is more easy than for the others and we don’t know exactly which factors are crucial and important in this process. The voices also tell us that ” contacting us (from their side) is sometimes extremely difficult for them when "energy levels" are declining.


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I agree humility and respect are of utmost importance when working for the unseen world.  The more reverent one is, the greater the likelihood of not dealing with "lower level" entities.  One sees this a lot on YouTube when you see how agitated the entity is and how uncouth, swearing and damning the interactions are from each side one cringes.  The earthling is in a lot of cases by their failure to understand what they are doing will get what they give and a day of hilarity may be giving themselves much to atone for later.

Too many people forget it is us who is working for spirit not the other way around.  We should be thankful that we can.

As to comparing my opinion for what it is worth is that we have to take each day forward.  Electronics are rapidly changing the world and communication systems.  That is not meant to mean we through out what we have gained but that we need to be aware of the impact of changes.

Certainly I have been told in both trance and physical seances that there is much difficulty communicating with earth.  The general consensus seems to be that we are polluted on and around earth.  So those who have proceeded  before us find difficulty because of our mind, body, soul and environmental pollution.

As to whether anyone can do EVP.  I believe etiquette and protocols should be in place.  But not all will do the right thing.  That cannot be changed.  I think anyone is capable of EVP, for some it might just take a little longer to develop acquaintance with doing so but it will happen.  The fact is that, and I have done this, that out of 100 people who are trained only 5 keep it up 12 months later. 

It is far easier to pay someone to do it or for the souls who do it for free to ask them.

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