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It would also be great, if we have a specific section on Varanormal web site,  where to collect various information (articles and case studies) and even free electronic books related to the research area in question (EVP/ICT). PDF files consume much less memory space than for example high resolution images,  and this is a benefit considering the costs of this type of activity.

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Hm, I see. The question is if we should provide an additional documentation section for every main section like ITC, Paranormal, Mediumship or a document subsection under "Resources" that probably is divided into more subsections related to certain topics.

Gismos question comes at the right time because I see our forum is not well structured and unclear because of too much sections on the main level. We need to consider a stepwise restructuring and I want to submit a plan we should discuss on the admin group once I made up my mind about this.

For now, I suggest to make a new section "documentation" in the section "Resources".



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Yes, I copied into here so that it was in the right place.

I do think the forum structure and any suggestions can come before a team meeting as I agree there may be room for changes.  We have had a reasonable length of time now to test out the format.

It would be helpful if anyone has ideas to raise them here so that we can discuss at the team meeting.

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OK. I successfully created a now category "Documentation" in "Resources" and a forum named "Instrumental Transcommunication" below it. I would like to start with this forum and adding more if necessary. As long as we are considering to rework the forum structure I don't want to implement too much changes for now.

@Gismo: Please check if it works. Any errors can be reported directly to me.

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