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And in case one needs some wise words....see below...

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6 hours ago, Karyn said:

"Keep the body quiet; keep the body in the open when weather permits, though not too much in too strong a sun. Do have cheerful company about the body, and the conversation should be creative, constructive, and never just gossip." 

Still lots of optimization potential in my life...🙄

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"Let each person you approach, let each experience, let each day be a new thing, a new opportunity to learn more, to help more. Then write, and let your imagination run wild. You can make your life as interesting as you desire." 

ECRL 5251-1

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Thanks for posting Cayce quotes, Karyn. I discovered Edgar Cayce 50 years ago. At that time, the "Black Book" of excerpts from his psychic readings was in progress. Every week, the organization (Association for Research and Enlightenment - ARE) would mail out new pages of quotes to add to the Black Book. Cayce was my inspiration during those years, and remains a great teacher. 

I was in my late teens at the time.  I joined a "Search for God" study group, which was a project Cayce channeled, where small groups would gather to go through a book of weekly spiritual "disciplines" and group conversation. Participants were at the cutting edge of what became the New Age movement, and we had so much to share. 

At 19, I spent a summer at ARE headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I worked as a waiter at the Marshall's hotel connected to the organization, where there were daily and weekly events with amazing speakers, and a very cool library of metaphysical books, including Cayce's original readings in binders! I learned astrology that summer and many other things that got me interested in karma, reincarnation, and a way of life.

I joined Study Group #1 that summer, lead by Gladys Davis Turner, who was the person that put Cayce into a trance for the entirety of his career, and transcribed readings. She was an older woman, but we bonded and I will never forget the gentleness of her soul. Her son, Thomas Jefferson Davis, would attend meetings at times. On one occasion, he had just returned from Monticello, and reported on his deja vu. When Gladys was pregnant with TJ, Cayce gave her a reading. He told her that the incoming soul was the reincarnation of both Thomas Jefferson and Alexander the Great. After meeting TJ, I believed it! The resemblance to these two historical figures was striking, and his energy was interesting, to say the least! 

So please do continue to quote from Cayce, and I'll try to do the same, along with more interesting stories. 


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