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Singing In The Moment - Falling Like Meteors

Keith J. Clark


Over time I have noticed when I begin to be "taken over" by an unknown force of creativity. First it was one song, then another, then another, and on it went for years. And years.

Now it's 16 or so more years later and I figured I would share some of these 50+ "songs". Not sure why, as these posts are certain to evoke more criticism than anything else. Yet, I challenge the status quo. If I am afraid of showing myself as I am behind closed doors, then why worry about even attempting to be on camera for anything else? How many other people have been channeling songs for many decades, but never really "thought" about what it actually was. Maybe they were daydreaming. Maybe they were channeling. Does it really matter? Beauty comes from within. Share it with abandon and watch it grow. If there's one thing people respect, its courage.

Naturally, I need to credit creative forces. In this "song" that was one of a kind (I never record the same song the same way twice) there are 3 main influences.

The first energy is the one that took me over and caused me to hit the record button. That's the first tune we hear less than one minute into the "song". 3 expressions later, this version was recorded. I've noticed the first recording is always the most magical, the second recording the most practical, and the 3rd recording a sort of agreement, or amalgation of takes 1 and 2. The first is inspired, the second is corrected and controlled thought, the 3rd is a compromise.

The second influence was the "ba-dum ba-duh-dum. Ba-dum ba-dum-bu. Bad dah ba-bum dum-bm... dah ba dah-bum ds bah-dum, bum da ba dum boo da bum... (70's song)

The 3rd was Luttrell. If you've never heard of him, here's a song: (thats what inspired the 3rd part of this song)

That's it. All I've got to say. No fear of expression, only fear of growing. Of Knowing.

"Channeling Singing VIDEO" : https://www.facebook.com/573806085/videos/10157548667431086/




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Oh Yeah!!!! Hold that note Baby!!!  Love it- Ill sing when Im alone sometimes, feeling that mysterious impulse to voice my spirit into the air...and love accompanies the expression...vibrating through my soul.

Thank you for recording it and being courageous with your soul sound- an inspiration. Really nice

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