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Keith J. Clark


 At first I didn't quite fit in to my choir class in the eleventh grade. Reading notes was hard, I had already learned to tune to music by ear. After all, I had grown up thinking that was how music was played - by ear. At first I sang bass.

Try as I could, I had a hard time projecting low notes. They just didn't seem to fit my vocal range. Yet I couldn't seem to reach the high notes sang by the tenors. Oh how I longed to sing as high as the tenors! Most rock singers sing very high, and I would later come to find that there is a reason for this - their voices pierce the sound range above the rest of the instruments which allows them to be heard. And I wanted to be heard. 

One of the days I looked forward to most as a young teenager was the day our high school choir would sing for a Christmas evening in front of a crowd.. More than anything, I desired to be approved of by my parents, to be cherished for something special I could contribute. Maybe they would see something good and express their appreciation for me...maybe they would see....me for who I really am!

My performance did not have the outcome I had expected. There were no balls of glitter floating from the ceiling, no cherubims blowing trumpets from all corners of the concert hall. The love I yearned for in that very special way would not come from my parents, yet I found great satisfaction in performing.


This experience left an indelible impression upon me. i was never the same after that event..This was...pure joy. This was...happiness.

From that day forward I sang from my heart - with a different perspective. I had a new angle. there was no reason to sing just to be loved.  When I sang..., I sang for joy.

The song below was "channeled" during the evening this blog was written. Like most songs that come through, it was almost wordless- except for one phrase..."Over Los Angeles"

It reminds me of "Battle of Los Angeles" in 1942. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Los_Angeles

Do you have similar experiences? 

Comment below!



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I've never been in a choir but I can say that I sung like all my life.  
As you said, singing brings about a unique kind of feeling that comes from within, regardless of the ways others perceive it.

As an adult, I kind of learned to sing either in a very low voice or when I'm alone, because for some people it can be very annoying if you are chanting all the time. But I used to sing aloud just about everywhere.... like while making a line in the market, or in a bus.

Before I decided, 4 years ago, that I really had to learn to sing, and do it for real, I had all sorts of receptions. From people frequently asking me to sing, to people laughing at me when I sung, which would be like all the time.

I think there is something about high notes and is not just the fact they can pierce through all the instruments. My home vocal range is an ordinary baritone yet I'm constantly pushing it into the tenor range. And I really mean constantly.  One of the best things about learning how to sing for real is that you can keep trying to hit high notes, without hurting your voice, by going into the so called falsetto register, which I use a lot even though it (still) sounds kind of bad (I still have a lot to learn and practice).

In fact, I think I'm obsessed with high notes, which is why I keep recording songs that are putting my vocal skills to the ropes, in spite of people telling me to sing songs on my vocal range.

Like this this one:

BTW, your channeled song is really good, and the over-dub is really cool!



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Thanks Fernando, I appreciate your comments and 'putting' yourself out there! I hope it helps other be brave and embrace the sensitive side of their natural intuition and expression 🙂


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