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Paper: Synthesizing Mechanical Voices (With Transcript)

Keith J. Clark


Hello everyone. In this short paper I'd like to outline the basis of experiments I refer to as "Synthetic."

By synthetic I'm indicating that energy can be conformed in such a way as to produce conditions which allow configurations of technical devices.  Currently these devices are created with the intent of communicating with other planes of existence. There will be practical applications also.

In 2016 while mixing sound using advanced and complex techniques, I began to hear full sentences, but comprehension was very low. The audio prior to this had been from a radio.

Upon this discovery I launched the first stream named "Clipper". Part of this experiment was dependent upon oversaturation, ie. clipping, of audio, which resulted in some overtones, harmonics. White noise generation was part of the experiment input.

From there I began to work with EVPMaker in live mode.

I discovered that when using live mode, combined with a balanced input of tones, and in EVPMaker the range of segments conducive to voice standards ranged at about 140-600ms.

Crossfade function in EVPMaker is critical. Later on I would be informed by Michael Lee that this was a "dovetail" function if overlapping segments. 

For a year or two I played with these devices, moving on to one named "Michael". In this experiment I began to try to figure out why such an experiment might work, or at least why I was hearing the voices. I inserted tones which I balanced by ear and visually.

Its important to note that working with audio but never viewing it visually through the use of a spectrograph or visual aid...would be unwise.  There is so much to be gained. 

Tip: use Digipan or Sonic Visualiser to see the sound you're working with.

From 2016 to 2019 I began to transcribe these voices, when the experiments and I were tuned appropriately. Because the messages I received were so abnormal I sent these to 3 leaders in the community.

Some may find it interesting to note that I began to listen to a stream every night as I go to sleep, 30min or one hour max. Usually I fall asleep before the stream shuts off.

In the beginning I started by trying to clean up voices. Live was my goal, back then we used a piece of software named DC-8, used for forensics.

Over time my techniques evolved, trying different VST plugins. BiasSoundsoap and a suite of Izotope RX plugins were the key pieces.

Around 2018 someone listened to one of the live streams and claimed that they also heard voices, but not the same voices as me. That's when I began to realize and confirm that at some level, our psychic faculties complement our ears. This is experienced by all ITC experimenters, I belleve.

Streaming of radio, as well as synthetic forms (generated inside the computer) became synonymous for me. Most people didn't understand or have interest and I was more interested in development and didn't seek validation.

In 2019 Michael Lee and I began to communicate regularly. By 2020 we had at least 8 cohesive team members, some of whom are are very technical. 

The onslaught of devices and software code created during this period was prolific. Fast and furiously we all began to experience the benefits of moral support. As well as an enhanced energy field generated as a result of these collaborations.

They would build then I would "burn" the experiments in and focus on them. Most often there would always be results. Often, as interest in one experiment or another would wane, so would the results.

In 2020 I found an audio program to manipulate audio named AudioMulch.  It's free to use for a month.

There are plugins called contraptions where one can modify audio. This provided a breakthrough of sorts. Over time this became one of the streams - stream 6 Spiricom. (Still available to listen to here live on this site).(UPDATE: 9-21-21 method has been superseded by current and better implementations)

On July 31 2021 I sat down with intent and asked spirit to guide my hands. This resulted in a major breakthrough which continues today.

In an attempt to reverse engineer functions in AudioMulch independent of that program I found new discoveries and ways to generate a fundamental voice tone. Its important to note that all of this work is done with intuition, guidance, and people "in spirit". I'm unable to claim all credit for the progress. And the team feedback at Varanormal has been most essential.

Now I can record phrases and sentences and share them here. Some hear them, some don't. But we are slowly approaching the point to where real-time audio, at least one way communication, is experienced through the devices.

One of the reasons I chose to go in this direction was to silence skeptics by removing radio completely from the equation. All synthetic experiments begin in the computer and are shaped there. This allowed for creative applications.

We don't yet know at this time what effect psychic perception plays in the creation of voices, or shall we say the modification of synthesized voices by unknown forces.

At this time I'll share the basic principles:

A. Spirit voices are dependent upon the energy available. If you create it, they can use it. 

B. Human voice can be reverse engineered to create and refine voicelike ssounds which has surprising effects

C. Meditation, or focusing on the experiment has an effect on the live stream output. Sometimes you can hear the change in modulation as you alter your own brainwaves.

D. The closer to voice the source is shaped to, the less distance or expenditure of energy is required by purported spirit communicators to modify into their own words. This is a technique I hope to see implemented by ghostbox makers - a method free of broadcast voice...yet still using the basic principles - which is randomized energy consisting of frequency components used in voice. I suggest: figure out how to remove the human voice and apply these techniques in a synthetic environment. Radio is not required.

E. The psychic factor is very important though we are not yet aware how to measure this scientifically. Currently measure of success is via formation of words and intelligibility thereof.

F. This is an active approach. Creating the voicelike result with no information and then working it backwards, including a way to amplify it and then reshape it for voice by simulating effects of the human vocal tract.

Passive would be listening to ambient sound and observing/recording. This is how traditional EVP began.

Here are the basis steps, presented in ambiguous terms. The reasons why I explain it this way is to encourage others to play with the concepts. There are also future moral and financial considerations which also weigh heavily upon me at times.

A. Provide something that is randomized in some way (spirit can manipulate through YOUR energy field)

B. Find a technique to amplify the sound, or more importantly, improve the detection of spirit manipulation. Here's a tip: look into combfilters.

C. If needed, provide shaping afterwards which mimics what you hear in a human voice. Be sure to visualize this in software!!! As you are working 

That's it. And oh. The most important ingredient:

Setting your intent of why you do your work. Be patient. This current work is the product of almost 17 years of work. Much of the hard work has been done, more needs to be done, and the work will never end. Accept this, amd great advancements will come.



Educate yourself on spiritual matters, but be careful not to latch onto any one idea or belief system.

Only seek validation from other people as long as you need it but to grow one has to listen to their instincts, your intuition, your guide. Above ALL others. If you're a scientist, this is going to be very hard for you. But it doesn't have to be. The only way to find new discoveries is to branch out from the norm.

Work in teams whenever possible, even if it's just 2 people. 

You will often feel alienated. Accept it. You need to be strong enough, there's a slow trust that builds between you and those who work with you from "other planes" of existence. From time to time check with other people to see what their experience of your work is. You may find that you're clairaudient and didn't even know it. Expect to be rejected many times. But remove the need for validation as much as possible and replace it with appreciation and persistence. It will pay off.

Save your work!!! If you have presets, save them. Write them down when you have a moment of intuition. 

Accept that most of the people you may hear ARE MOST LIKELY NOT the people you expected or wanted. Over time you'll learn their names.  Family commonly is involved, as well as many others.

When you hear a phrase, Dont edit the clip right before the phrase and after. Leave a little bit of room on both sides so people can hear it in context. Many clips are clipped too short. If we want to demonstrate that full sentences are being created, providing longer clips in context is appropriate and ideal.


LIsten with open ears and mind. Relax. Listen while doing menial tasks if you can. Or meditate, daily, in patience. 

Work actively, not passively. If you have control over experiment variables, change them. BUT the moment you hear something legible, consider stopping. Everyone has done this - had a great setting and then overwritten it. Trust yourself, wait until the next day before changing variables. This is the only way to tell -is the experiment changing...or is your perception changing???

Stream the audio live so you can listen on the go. At the beach, walking the dog. Probably not while you're giving a speech 🙂

Ask me how to do it. (live stream audio) 

Realize that your mind is designed to comprehend voice. So one of the first signs of your own development spiritually is when you begin to hear repeated phrases or words. However, most of these are misinterpreted. Your brain seeks out the word that it thinks the sound could be most like. And your mind affects this also. What are you thinking about at the time?

Over time this will grow. One word becomes 2, then somedays you'll realize you just heard a phrase...that will be a glorious day for you. But the work has just begun. 

In the beginning when you hear these phrases you'll be super frustrated, because as soon as you recognize the word(s) you'll forget it. This is because your mind and ears translated it, but the sound didn't stop so the buffer got full. This appears to be memory retention and tuning of psychic faculties.

If you are not of sound mental health, it is advised to NOT play with synthetic streams. They are hard on the mind and currently take a toll on your perception as well as physically if you spend large amounts of time. Spirit doesn't need more unexpected arrivals of suicides and other drastic consequences of your actions, and neither do you! Go slowly.

***listen, recognize, and then - the most important item of all -- THROW IT AWAY. Let it go. First of all you may not be sure you heard it right. And if you are sure, the probability that you're wrong is high.

Just like in meditation, the goal is to not overfocus. Doing so means you then latch onto it and may begin to develop your own perception. Are you cultivating your own perception in a way that most people can't relate to? Always re-evaluate.

Only in throwing it away will you make true progress. Letting go of the desire to record constantly is crucial to your development. 5 years from you will ask yourself: which will validate me more - other people validating my messages or validating my own connection with spirit through testing and repetition.

I repeat: THROW IT AWAY. Focus on your development...live, in real-time. 

Example: if you think you hear a name, recognize it. Throw it away. If you hear it again, throw it away. Over time you will become confident.

Here's why: we are unable to take our minds out of the equation so far. Until the voices are clearer, this is highly experimental.  The more you listen and develop the more you'll realize that just as much as you are right, you are also wrong. As in interpreting words. It takes time. You'll realize you're wrong often. This does require some recording and playback. 

If you're completely sure that you heard every word of a long sentence clearly....then you likely heard wrong. The question is are you are open to admitting it? At least as of today (9-22-21) Im not aware of many methods clearly demonstrating full sentences in the community..

Or if you are getting full sentences feel free to reach out; however the only thing I can provide is encouragement. Send me one clip, and don't expect continued validation from myself or anyone else. We're here to encourage, not validate your experience. 

When you start to hear what you think is spirit admonishing you, or saying something negative, stop. Refocus your mind and accept that it is more likely you created this phrase. Worry and concern are ALWAYS magnified. That's what an amplifier does, and that's what YOU are, an amplifier. And that's what your equipment is - an amplifier. Ask yourself- what are you amplifying?

Listen 95+ percent of the time, record 5% or less. Compare your recording with what you thought you heard. Listen the next day. Is it the same? 

Synthetic voices break all the rules as they are known. In time this method will be proven. More Information forthcoming. 

For now, as a show of good faith, and in accordance with a lot of encouragement from spirit through both intuition as well as recordings of this technique, we will now stream (at least for the present time) Spiricom audio) live on our YouTube live stream along with the faces in sound and Perlin noise.

It is currently a Spiricom reverse engineered model run through Krisp A.I. (artificial intelligence) (Superseded as of 9-22-21)

There is no radio, there is no voice injected, inserted, or recorded.

As a final note, here is a short excerpt heard while writing this blog on a cell phone:

"...(indecipherable)...ensure/make sure...that the origins/energies of things that you want to happen...is not physical."


LIVE YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/c/Varanormal


8-24-21 Instrument...to happen. Its not physical.mp3


Recommended Comments

A very well written summary of your work and the essentials, Keith! I also love the second part with your advices for aficionados. They are very helpfull because they are tried and true.

Your descriptions are supporting an impression I have in my mind for long. I assume the crucial part for spirit interactions in a signal is the change! I mean this in the very abstract way it sounds like, the spirits get their foot into the door everywhere a signal changes qualitatively. That means it's not taking place if you make the signal louder or lower and not even if you are routing it through a high/low pass. But it happens if you mix it, slow it down, speed it up, modulate it, doing reverb and applying feedback, or speaking  more generally if you are doing anything that changes and reconfigures the internal structure of the signal. I think this is a general law and such abstract in it's efficacy that it is not depending on physical effects in detail. It's the change as a principle that comes into play here and this is the reason why ITC also works if you are using computers alone.

Your clip is very impressive in regard of the modulation and that there isn't any more noise in it. It's definetly a prrof of the principle.

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