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  1. And it seems that you can always have results. How long do you wait to have a 'good' anomaly, in average ?
  2. And the use of light is always very elegant Reminds me the photonic quantum computer https://science.sciencemag.org/content/370/6523/1460
  3. I put a preprint about the textual ITC device of http://itc-station.org/text on the website https://www.preprints.org/manuscript/202012.0798/v1 I will take into account Karyn's language corrections a bit later
  4. I talk very little about ITC there, but indeed those people are closed, they are the only ones I don't manage to convince
  5. To try to have simple first principles on which you can rely, because it's efficient and intellectually satisfying. But when the first principles are not adapted anymore there is huge inertia on destroying them, and it's understandable because they enabled us to know everything we know and build something really strong... so we are trying destroy those first principles with electronic circuits and water building will come next
  6. Indeed, I'm also very curious
  7. The following are live experiment audio streams created by Varanormal Research Team ****Does not work in Chrome Browser (use firefox or try another browser) We will be improving our stream presentation soon. Thanks for your patience! Stream 1: "Shortwave Radio" @ 25.5Mhz with noise reduction Play\Stop Stream 1 Stream 2: "Raudive Diode" created by Raudive.de with noise reduction Play\Stop Stream 2 Stream 3: "Spiricom7" - an audio sample of human glottal pulse chopped with EVPmaker, then fed back onto itself again chopped with EVPMaker, then noise reduction.
  8. Nice to see this Andrés I'll do the whole textfile implementation, but as for the pictures, it's a way to standardize the output so that this ensures there is no easy cheating. And like you did people can then share the output pics here, to present what they received
  9. Update done, documentation added, and now one can save the text fields to jpeg files. Unfortunately it makes the page crash, but this is the fault of the forum and no pain no gain
  10. For two years I've been quite regular on trying to replicate Ifres' mist method, helped by collaborators here in Paris. Here are some results that I found interesting
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