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  1. Hello! These photos were taken using the Annette Tollis method. How it works? I photograph my face with glasses in a concave mirror. Then I preview my image in Photoshop, in the face area behind the glasses. With sufficient magnification, images of human faces can be detected! I control my iPhone with bluetooth to get a clear shot. There is a post a little higher (Posted March 17) where you can see how I take these photos. Vladimir.
  2. 3 consecutive photos. A charming person is watching through a window from the Other World ...
  3. You can probably use a macro lens. I use a concave mirror for photography.
  4. Hi! This is Annette Tollis' method. How it's done? To do this, you need to take a photo of yourself in glasses, in the mirror. This photo is then viewed very closely. And here are the images of people who were not there during the photo shoot! Vladimir
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