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Upcoming SLiDS education program

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Yes it appears there is so much going on.  Sadly though organisations are not adapting their costs to the new circumstances.  I can understand the high costs of conferences to attend in person as speakers costs need to be covered as they have to travel but charging high prices in an environment where no-one leaves their stations (home or work) I cannot accept.  Delivering information in this environment that we now find ourselves in pre and post covid is cheap but some organisations I note do not reflect this in their registration costs.

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Please enjoy.
Luis Sergio Marotta is a teacher, Bachelor in Education (Portuguese/English). He has studied Spiritism for over 40 years and worked in various Spiritist Centers as well as participated in virtual groups such as “Portal Saber Espiritismo” and Kardec Radio in the USA. He also has a bilingual channel on Youtube - Spirit Connections - which deals with Spiritist phenomenology around the globe. In this lecture, Luis will explain what “Universal Control of Spirit Teachings” means, and why this is such an important spiritual message included in Allan Kardec’s book “The Gospel According Spiritism”.

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