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States of Consciousness - Part 2 Jurgen Ziewe

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Part two explores how enlightenment and truth are already an intrinsic part of us. Establishing Higher Consciousness in everyday Life. We are much more than this temporary physical self. We live simultaneously in many dimensions. Dimensions are persistent. Descriptions of higher dimension and the value of physical life.

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I watched the video. The first 29 minutes were nice but then they started to talk about the multidimensional worlds and it became mind blowing!

Jürgen told that not only people have multidimensional existence but also locations do have! What he explained then made me shiver to the bones. He said in his lucid dreams he is visiting a higher dimensonal version of Hamburg and this is exactly what I experienced in my very rare lucid dreams too with the same city!

That helped me a lot to understand that this world I am in while dreaming is real on another level of existence and that the other me living in this world is real too.

At the end of the video they talked about the reason of going through a physical existence and some magic happened again. As Jürgen started his explanation I literally could speak out the keyword synchronized with him. It's "resistance", it's inertia, it's about the only way to built up new powers upon the resistance and stubbornness, the blocking hardness of matter itself, the inertia and the unwillingness of everything around you, to support you. It's about constraints, limits and exhaustion. It's the fence and the jail that forces you to learn to try hard building up new powers, being patient, persistent and to learn to apply your forces efficiently. These are the skills you will use later on other planes of existence.

I'm so grateful you shared this video, Karyn!

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