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"The schools are teaching us 1940s science. We do not live in a physical, material universe! Who and what are we?" James J. Traitz, a trial lawyer who has created more than 100 short videos on Youtube questioning the materialist paradigm, is the author of a fascinating book Don't Stop Your Mind. He argues that the world's ills are caused by the false belief that the substance of the universe is matter, a belief that leads to a fear-greed dichotomy and a scarcity mentality.





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Yes, I like to acknowledge that statement. Even with classical mainstream science we already "know" that by hitting a door frame with your forehead it is not the matter that hurts you but the repelling forces of the atomic nuclei. Most of the atom is vast and empty space.

Many years ago I read a book about quantum reality. It was addressing the problem that quantum mechanics can calculate practically everything in the subatomic realm but tells us nothing about why it is so. It's even not a model but a mathematical tool set. The book tried to derive different models for "reality" from quantum mechanics that all were 100% compatible with the results of QM. However the models were totally different, starting from "everything is matter" and ending at "everything is force fields" with about 8 different models that also could be mixed. My conclusion is that what we call reality is just a projection of a creative force beyond our imagination that constructs something for us we can cling to in our respective times of existence. In this terms reality is not objective, it's a product made for certain beings at certain times and has no value in itself.

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