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Evaporograph for visual ITC

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I remember when I was  child, and receiving Popular Electronics, Electronics Illustrated and my fathers PlayBoy Magazine (strike the latter)...there was an article called something like Listen To Flames, which suggested that flames from different chemical sources, had different definitive sounds. This came back to me when I read one of the articles on the SparkBangBuzz website, in one of his expereiments.

Is the guy that did all the experiments on this website still living, God only knows what he has come up with since the website was made. Anyone tried to get ahold of him????


Another of his experiments seems to encorperate a lot of Andres recent expeiments with water and light.


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I never contacted him but it is actually a good idea. In the past I made experiments with a very susceptible array of phototransistors  and I scrutinized all sources of light starting from monitors, tv-sets, lamps, neon signs, car head lamps, advertising signs and even the light of the moon. I was looking for hidden modulations and I got some very interesting results. I also made a recording of a candle flame and it gave a very smooth hissing sound. Let me look, maybe I can find the audios. It's many years ago I made them.

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