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Sonia Rinaldi - Recent Advances in Instrumental Transcommunication Research at Zammit Global Zoom Meeting 11-12th April

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Sonia Rinaldi explains why the team at Timestream is choosing to communicate with light rather than with sound as a way of by-passing what Konstantin Raudive described in a phone call to Sonia in 1994 as a build-up of excessive vibrations "in the fabric of the Earth". She explains how the scientists are able to convert light into sound and shares examples of how the spirit team are 'apporting' images into a spherical container she fills with steam and transfigure images over photographs held up in front of cameras on Zoom. If you would like to get regular updates on her work and help Sonia to take her work to the world, become a patron for a few dollars a month at https://www.patreon.com/sonia_rinaldi.

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