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I just did a quick check on the laser interferometer stream running as a long term experiment in our groups private area. I checked it because Keith retuned the signal post processing  and I was about installing mr recorder on my tablet. Thus I just intended to try out if the stream recording works.

In the first 30s the stream is vivid with mixed voices but not unusual in its characteristic  apart from a very low frequency rhythm with approximately  1s repetition rate. Then suddenly at around position  35s the characteristic is shifting into a single voice that sounds like being scrambled. Did not analyzed it yet. After 2m the stream returns to  normal again.

Stream 5.mp3

Something is going on there.

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Was someone running the microwave? 😉 I believe that most major phase changes like this one can be explained by physical reasons that we are just not aware of. However, each of these phases offers clues and provide aspects that spirits can manipulate. In addition different phases may resonate with different spirit groups. For example, one phase might be more suitable to an astral group, another with a heaven group.

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There are always running household devices in the surrounding flats. What makes me curious is that this characteristic is typical for the laserstream but vanished weeks ago. Now its back. Moreover the interferometer contain only weak amplifiers. It reacts more to light than electrical disturbance and the phototransistor is enclosed in a box and the box in a cupboard. There is clearly  a dominating voice during the phase shift but the signal is kinda fluttering and thus not intelligible.


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