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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. Beam splitters in laser application are expensive and hard to obtain. Diffraction gratings instead are cheap and easy to get. In some setups they could replace beam splitters. YouCut_20210120_1423373431.mp4
  2. 1. Abstract My first laser experiment was a failure. But now as I had dived into this area I wasn't willing to give it up too fast. In our group discussions we talked about laser interferometry. This well known technique is based on the overlay of two laser beams coming from the same source and running over different paths by use of a beam splitter. If both beams come together again they are creating an interference pattern. This phenomenon is due to the oscillating nature of light that shows a sinusoidal waveform. The cool thing about LI is that it is a very susceptible measuring te
  3. Years ago I saw this video on YouTube Green Laser through water drop A guy was shooting the beam of a laser pointer through a drop of water. Because the drop acts like a lens the insides of the water drop like bacteria, algae, a.s.o are magnified and projected against the wall. Simple and fascinating! From a paranormal point of view water is an information memory like used in homeopathy. I asked myself if water could reveal some of its secrets by using this laser setup. In paranormal science water gets activated by sounds as Emoto showed it very impressive. I have the idea to hang in
  4. I just did a quick check on the laser interferometer stream running as a long term experiment in our groups private area. I checked it because Keith retuned the signal post processing and I was about installing mr recorder on my tablet. Thus I just intended to try out if the stream recording works. In the first 30s the stream is vivid with mixed voices but not unusual in its characteristic apart from a very low frequency rhythm with approximately 1s repetition rate. Then suddenly at around position 35s the characteristic is shifting into a single voice that sounds like being scrambled
  5. I'm working on the third stage of the laser interferometer (LIM). It will be completely enclosed in an aluminum cast casing to protect it against radio interference and light contamination. It is going to have an adjustable modulation input and the a loop feature to feed back the interference noise into the modulation input in order to provide more entropy. Also a hardware noise gating will be implemented to reduce the need for huge post processing. It will be powered by a 12 VDC wall adapter and includes EMI filters against power hum.
  6. 1. Abstract During my years of research I frequently got information about the use of laser light in ITC. The application for lasers in ITC seem to differ widely. I read about the works of H. O. Koenig who used laser for audio transmission to be intercepted and modified by spirits. But there were also other experimenters who used laser illuminated crystals to improve their session results. My first idea was establishing a microphone based audio stream over a laser beam and recording it. A nice add-on would be to shoot the beam through different types of transparent media like rock cr
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