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Nothing very special but my personally most impressive manifestation of spirit forces. I hadn't much since I am working with voices mainly.

Since one year I am going through some inauguration that was predicted by a friend of mine who is inaugurated himself. He said it's a group of spiritual beings offering me to participate in their work. This seems to take place slowly.

So last night ( the night of friday the 13th of november 2020) in my sleep i woke up by a rumbling sound as if a heavy metal part was "dancing" on a wooden surface. I switched on the light and looked around. Tje sound had come definitely from the dresser in my bedroom. There was only one metal part on the dresser, the lid of an oxygen bottle i have in my bedroom when I am suffering ftom cluster headache episodes. Obviously this part was moved somehow and the noise was very loud. I left the light on for the rest of the night and nothing more happened.

It was a bit spooky for me because I am not yet used to such incidents but it wasn't negative. Seemed to me they wanted to tell me "We are here and we take care for you".


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1 hour ago, Andres Ramos said:

Addendum: This night, from sunday the 15th of november to monday the 16th it happened again at 22:43.

That's very interesting! 

I had never experienced any such thing myself, but I believe that I couldn't handle it well if I did. It seems I started off the wrong feet, and probably for the silliest of the reasons.

When I was a toddler I had the usual ghost in the wardrobe companion. I don't remember much, except that it was very frightening and it scared the hell out of me.  He was there all the time. I think I recall that we used to interact a lot, somehow.. I don't really recall. But I was certainly quite afraid of him.

Then when I was a teen, I used to LOVE paranormal or fantasy horror movies. Not bloody but ghostly or with creatures likes vampires and such. I watched them all, but in retrospect, I shouldn't have, considering how sensitive I am.

I was-or still am, maybe--so sensitive that in fact that, at around age 9 o so, I started sleeping with the neck completely covered in a thick blanket, all night long, even in the hot summers, just to make sure no vampires would get me.  I lasted like 2 years. Then, at around 13 yro and soon after I go over that, I watched yet another vampires movie, but in this one, they bite on the wrist, so, I started sleeping with my hands compulsively facing down.

It's been decades since I watch a movie like that. I don't do that anymore because of the effect they can have. But I always wondered how would I react if I experienced something like a noise or such. 

For example, knowing what clairvoyance and clairaudience is, and how when can start developing it, I wonder every now and then if I would just get way too scared if I got any of that.


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I think these fears are something every sensitive being bears in his soul. There is nothing wrong about it. When i was a kid i was scared from darkness like hell. Between my room and the bathroom there was a corridor approximately 4m in length. When i woke up at night needing to pee i remember me standing at my room entrance, staring down the dark corridor that seemed to grow larger every second with yawning openings of dark void where the doors to the other rooms were open. I practically was petrified from fear.

When i was alone sometimes at the evenings because my parents were out it seemed that the walls were moving up to me with dark shadows growing out of the walls. Sometimes I felt like loosing my mind.

This fears seem to be related to some incident in my very early childhood i maybe will post here some day. At least, approximately when i was two years old i started to have fear, tremendous fear  By the years i could overcome it partially by growing spiritually but it's not defeated yet. Thus i see those incidents as a test and a request to face my inner demons, so to speak. What i want to say is i feel fear as well as you Fernando but i want to overcome it with love, strength and acceptance. Maybe I'll find out what happened to me when i was a baby that turned me in such an anxious being.

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11 hours ago, Michael Lee said:

It sounds like you have some "out of towners". You might want to let them know you're not running a ScareBnB.👻

I guess they already know. I had a discussion with a spiritual friend. Very likely it's my dad who deceased some weeks ago. His dying was hard and he was not well prepared even though I tried to give him something for his way. He's striving around his usual place obviously. Today I was in his old flat (one level ip in the house we live), cleaning the rooms and I took the time to talk to him. Moreover I got a spirit message. "We were fathers" they said and they told me they are offering him to take him with them to higher realms.

I told him I love him and he should agree.

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This is a good advice Michael since I was not aware that deceased people may be fragmented. It's even more important because my talking with dad seems to have worked, no more poltergeist last night - well, apart from my wife as the lid of the toilet was slipping through her fingers after peeing this night.

In case this phenomenon will return I am prepared now. Thanks!

It's encouraging that our work makes us capable of managing such incidents. Two years ago I'd just shit my pants I guess. Thus the name of this forum really became a guiding line for me, "Varanormal is when the paranormal becomes normal"

It's really this way that dealing with the paranormal became a daily routine but not with the negative implications of routines like boredom, single sided thinking and unconsciousness.

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When I watch paranormal shows (which are few that are not BS), I watch it with the sound off so that my emotions and mind are not manipulated into fear. I find that I understand what is happening on a cognizant and spiritual level ...it helps when I remember a term a medium friend used in a discussion once, that she thinks of spirits as "clear people", people just like us who grieve and get mad or annoyed just like we do, as well as love and laugh and plea for help sometimes when they are confused, or just want to stop in and say Hi!. Then there are a different level of spirit who operate on a lower level  and do try to manipulate us if they are able...and that is the crux. We build up our awareness and dont allow ourselves to be fooled...and yet doing so with the power, love and grace of God and his protective and loving unseen forces that watch over and assist us. I never doubt the power. That is my personal experience and understanding. 


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True! This is the law of balancing. For every spiritual achievement you have to take risks that might cause you a bleeding nose. However If you wanna be safe you will exclude your best chances. This is our crux in the shape of a cross. The vertically aspiring forces are cut through the middle by lower horizontal forces. You can't help it as you always get both. But up to a certain degree you can define where the cut will be made. That's our burden, we have to make decisions every day, reaching for balancing these forces. This can only be achieved by accepting both of them. Only love can do this.

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