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Light Reflecting ITC


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My sister sent me a picture of her Diamond Painting craft project she was working on.  It isn't really painting,  and it has nothing to do with diamonds.... so I don't know where they came up with that.  You use half round beads that come with the kit, and attach them to sticky patterned material to create a framable quality picture when you have completed it.  Because the surface is sticky, it needs to be protected from dust or anything else touching it while it is a work in progress so these kits come with a highly reflective, thin clear acrylic sheet that you leave on the project to protect the stickiness.

I could see a face in the picture she sent.  She didn't mention it so I didn't say anything about it because I felt it might scare her.  So, I immediately went over to my Diamond Painting in progress, a took a picture.  I saw two images, though not as clearly as in her picture. A few days later I asked her for another picture to "see her progress".  She sent two because she happened to be working on two different projects at the same time.  

If I don't max out on my allowed files space, I'll attach the 4 pics here.  Otherwise I'll add later.  Does anyone recognize anyone in these?  I think I recognize one of them as someone known to most people.  The purple color on the first pic looks like a hat but it isn't necessarily so.  The material is colorized to give an idea of how the project will turn out.  I believe there just wasn't any light reflecting in that area.





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Hi Andrea. Did I get you right that the images appeared in the reflection of light on the acrylic foil? 

This is really impressive! I would recommend that you are experimenting with a different background. Try a white and a bkack background below the foil and then something with a structure like squares, lines, dots, patterns. I'm curious if you get even better images then!


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Hello Andres, 

I will think about how to do this. 

There was an interesting coincidence that occurred within a few days regarding one of the images I posted.  I was reading "The Problem of Increasing Human Energy" by Tesla.  A short time later, without thinking about Telsa or the book,  I captured an image of what I thought looked like Tesla's parted hair, forehead, eyebrows & eyes (one of the images I posted at the beginning of this thread).  And then a short time after that, I was recording an EVP session and captured "Nikola's going to follow you" and something about cancel fusion, can't master.   It is interesting to ponder.


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