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ITC Gem 7: More About Planet Varid

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ITC Gem 7: More About Planet Varid

Posted on 2010 June 10 by Mark Macy

Editor’s Note: Swejen Salter, our main ITC partner during the height of ITC contacts from 1985 to 2000, was chosen by The Seven ethereals to be the main intermediary between them and humanity, because she had a rare gift and working knowledge of how ITC works. The ethereals told us she had lived in a parallel world, Varid. She worked in ITC before her death, and chose to continue the work in spirit. She died in October 1987 and was put in charge of earth contacts by TimeStream.

The Seven said, “Swejen is a capable scientist and a simple, modest person willing to commit her talents to serving others.”

Here’s one of the reports Swejen delivered to us… memories of her physical life on Planet Varid.

“In my world the political development took a different direction than on Earth. The second world war never took place on Varid. My father was secretary in a bureau of statistics. The bureaucracy is widespread on Varid. Actually, almost everybody is a civil servant from the simplest market wife to the operators of elevators in the tall buildings.

“My mother worked in a small souvenir store. I had two brothers. In Varid from the age of five all children are brought up and educated in government-run schools. They are similar to what you know from Charles Dickens stories.

“In the beginning it was hard for me to be separated from my parents, but in time I got used to the changes. State approved educators took care of me and I stayed until my 12th birthday in this establishment. I learned all there was to know about parapsychology and healing. Planet Varid has a more open attitude about paranormal phenomena than your world.

“Even as a youngster I was introduced to and became acquainted with ITC. When passing into the spirit world I was acquainted with many things. But do not think that the quality of life is therefore better on Varid. Medicine, for instance, has progressed faster on Earth. On Varid the parents select the future life partners of their children. My husband was picked by my parents. But my marriage was not a happy one. It was not nice. I do not like to think about it, but I was used to adapting to all situations and therefore found my way quickly here. For the first time I found the happiness here that I could not obtain in my previous life.”


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I cannot thank you enough for posting these ITC gems, Karyn! They are a blessing to me.

In a way that I don't understand but feel very intensily I am deeply entangled with these descriptions of other worlds and the biography of other multidimensional beings. Even more I feel a deep connection with Swejen as she participated on some of my ITC experiments as spirits told me. My biggest desire is to work together with Swejen one day after I made it over to the hereafter.

May I dare to ask you if these informations are available in a bokk? Basically these information came to Mark Macy in german, wasn't it?

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