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ITC Gem 4: A Murdered Child is Found and Healed

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ITC Gem 4: A Murdered Child is Found and Healed

Posted on 2010 May 31 by Mark Macy

Editor’s note: In May 1991, ITC researcher Maggy in Luxembourg received a letter from a group of lady experimenters urgently requesting her spirit friend Swejen Salter to search for a small boy-in-spirit who had been murdered in a most cruel manner a few years earlier. In June the following phone dialog took place between Maggy and Swejen, regarding the child.

– – Maggy’s Report – –

Swejen:Juergen Marcel is a friendly little boy with curly blonde hair. The poor child suffered many knife wounds on his head before arriving here.

Maggy: Oh, yes, I keep forgetting that new arrivals still carry their wounds when they get there. Who takes care of Juergen Marcel? What happens to the wounded?

Swejen: Juergen Marcel is in the care of Marie Mreches (Maggy’s grandmother on her mother’s side). She treats his wounds and takes good care of him as if he were her own child. The boy has forgotten what happened to him and plays happily with the other children.

Maggy: Marie! Now I know the boy is well taken care of. I will inform Juergen’s mother!

Swejen: When wounded children and grownups arrive here they are being bedded in tubs filled with healing waters. It is not easy work. The wounds have to be treated and their body has to be washed. Amputated limbs regrow within a short time and the sick tissue regenerates itself. Marie does all this work. She is a very resolute woman and has much help.

Later, Juergen Marcel’s mother confirmed that her son had blonde, curly hair and was friendly, as well as trusting perhaps to a fault. She expressed deep gratitude to know her son was now safe and happy and had forgotten the awful event.

– – End of Maggy’s Report – –


As you’ll see in coming reports, our spirit friends suggest to us on Earth… not to hold on too tightly (emotionally speaking) to our departed loved ones when we are still wrapped up in grief, at least in the case of loved ones who suffered emotional trauma. It’s a very challenging situation for us, especially when it involves a departed child. We long to hold our children in our arms and to give love and comfort… but that longing can pull the spirit of the children into the troubles of their lifetime instead of letting them get settled into a new, glorious life where they belong.

It was important for Juergen Marcel to forget about his Earth experience altogether for awhile because of the gruesome nature of his death. Eventually, one would assume, there would be a reconnection of heart bonds between parents and children… once the emotional wounds have healed.

In “normal” situations, when loved ones move on from one happy life to the next, heart bonds can be fostered by us on Earth when we think of our departed loved ones in times of happy meditation or daydreaming. Under those conditions, our invisible loved ones are at our side instantly, sharing the love.

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This article left me perplex. It's not just very touching, moreover it's stunning that Maggie and Swejen had a kind of phone call talking about the right procedures to help the child recreate. An amazing example about the perfect entanglement between our world and the hereafter.

What I didn't know either was that the deceased carry their wounds with them into the hereafter and that these wounds must be treated.

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It is my understanding from my research is that yes we do carry our wounds and this is the reason that a vast number need assistance early on.  Mark Macy has written that it appears to be equivalent to six weeks of Earth time.  

In the book "Testimony of Light" by Helen Greaves the subject of hospitals and healing centres do figure prominently and of course the writings of Chico Xavier also back these seemingly essential steps we may need shortly after entry.

Many writers lament how ill prepared we are to transition, that the baggage we carry over impedes us to some extent some for a long time.  

I am presently reading about this in Chico Xavier book "In the Greater World" dictated by the spirit Andre Luiz in which many of these persons who transition who need help but also focuses on the communication between discarnates and incarnates especially during the sleep of the physical body.

The movie Nosso Lar (also a book) gives a visual interpretation of the healing that takes place.

In some of the Leslie Flint transcripts one also finds statements that many are ill prepared for life in the spiritual world.

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