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Experimental analysis of spirit voice manifestation - by Andrés Ramos-Jiménez

Andres Ramos

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0. Abstract

I made an experiment I have planned since long. My goal was to identify and document a spirit voice manifestation right in the moment where it takes place. This should be done by providing an audio source the spirits should use for the voice manifestation and comparing the result after the manifestation against the original unchanged signal. To conduct this experiment I would need to split a signal source in two ways where on the first path I could guarantee the signal not to be influenced and a second path where the spirit voice manifestation takes place. Thus direct comparing of the changed against the unaffected signal would be possible.

My hope was to find out more about the details of the impact the spirits have upon the signal we give them.


1.  Setup of the experiment


Fig.1: Schematic of the test setup

The setup was based on the experience I gained from all my previous experiment. These are as follows:

  • A loud and clear speaking voice that contains no ambiguities is likely to never be changed by spirit voice manifestation.
  • Low sounds mixed with noise or various ambient sounds are very likely to be affected by spirit voice manifestation.

For a direct comparison of affected and unaffected signals I utilized these described hypotheses and decided to separate the affected and unaffected signal on both channels of a stereo recording. This way I could hear both signals simultaneously like an overlay where the brain immediatly would detect the differenced between the right and left ear.

In order to facilitate this setup I made myself a small channel splitter allowing me to use two different microphones, one for each channel. I used a standard electrect condenser mircophone for recording my voice loudly on the right channel and the InClip ITC microphone for recording my low voice mixed with ambient sounds from the street before my house. The InClip gives good results in terms of spirit voice manifestations.


2. The experiment

The test took place 2022-09-07 in the evening. First  I did two test recordings to adjust the microphone levels properly and to find the right position for the InClip microphone so that the environmental noise was at optimum for the experiment. Due to my previous tests the voice of the experimenter should be near the border of becoming unintelligible in order to optimize the spirit voice manifestation.

Because the audio source should be well defined I considered using a known text I would present that has a meaning and would be easy to get. For personal reasons I made my choice for the t PSALM 23  because this text somehow resonates with me.

 During the experiment I spoke the words slowly and as clearly as I could to ensure that the microphone directly before my mouth would not catch any voice manifestations. Before the test I cleaned the environment spiritually by striking a singing bowl three times. The whole recording took a little more than one minute. I observed no unnormal incidents during the test.


3. Presentation of results

In the figure below you can see the whole recording as a NCH WavePad project.


Fig.2: The complete recording

I played back the recording with my Sennheiser HD 600 headsets on multiple time and identified 6 incidents that could be a spirit caused anomaly. After my first analysis I threw away two of them because they were to vague. I marked all the timestamps in the recording to safely identify those incidents and made screenshots from the signals as well as audio exports. for the audio exports I used Audacity because for some reason WavePad does not provide a function to split a stereo signal into two independent mono signals. So lets go through the anomalies step by step.


3.1 Analysis of  PK-Incident-0

This anomaly took place at timestamp 08:00s in the recording. It is very clearly an anomaly because there is a noise on the left channel that has no respective representation on the right one. Obviously something just impacted the InClip microphone and not the mouth microphone.


The sound has no special characteristic and appears like a blow or puff into the microphone. However it is not unusual for spirits to mimick natural ambient noise characteristics.


Fig.3: PK-Incident-0 signal characteristic

You can see what I just described very clearly in the picture above. The left channel is displayed in the track above. The lower track shows the signal from the mouth microphone. During the incident the level from the mouth microphone is zero.


3.2 Analysis of PK-Incident-1

This incident is located at timestamp 16.597s. It is in the middle of the verse "And he leads me beside still waters". The words "still waters" are clearly affected.


I extracted just the spirit voice in a separate file.

PK-Incident-1 (just spirit voice)

I could not copy what the voice says but the change is obviously and also the voice sounds different from my own.



Fig.4: PK-Incident-1 signal characteristic

The signals above are worth to discuss.  In the first half we can see that my moderate voice signal from the lower track is converted into impulses you can see in the upper track. The up and down of the amplitude of my voice is more or less steady and so are the impulses above. This changes by the end of the recording. Despite the original signal (lower track) goes on the same way in the upper track we can see additional bursts of impulses as if something had been added to the signal that not originated from my voice. Because the original signal shows no increase in its envelope function we can hypothesize that in the upper track we can see the impact of additional energy and not just a reconfiguration of the energy structure coming from the lower track.


3.2 Analysis of PK-Incident-3

At timestamp 21.847s there is a third incident which is the most impressive of all. Again it happened in the middle of a verse while I was saying "He leads me in paths of righteousness". The part "He leads.." was turned into something that sounds like "Alex" (A name) or maybe "Alle" (All).


PK-Incident-3 (just spirit voice):

My original voice is also sufficiently strong to be heard in the spirit track.


Fig.6: PK-Incident-3 signal

The signal curvature is very interesting again to discuss. The pk-incident took place already at the beginning and the my words "And he" were turned into "A-lex" or "Al-le". The amount of syllables (2) stays the same and also the envelope function across the upper and lower track are very similar. So in this case it seems that the energy distribution of the signal stays intact but the content was changed against something that sounds similar but has a different meaning!

I observed this very often in my sessions but never could see it directly. Similar to PK-Incident-1 it seems there are additional impulses in the signal changing the spectral composition.


3.3 Analysis of PK-Incident-4

At timestamp 01:09 the last incident is located. In a way it is mirroring the first incident that also took place when the source signalwas zero.


Again it is a very distorted voice signal like a blow into the microphone.


Fig.7: PK-Incident-4 signal

The picture clearly shows a signal at the InClip microphone while the level on the mouth microphone was zero.


4. Conclusions

I think this experiment mainly is a "proof of the principle" that this setup provides a direct comparison of unaffected and affected audio signals. Since in the past I gained more and better results with microphones I definitely should do more repititions of this experiment to collect more and better data.

Nevertheless the PK-Incidents-1/2 were very good results to justify a deeper investigation. I already mentioned that the voice manifestation showed a tonal characteristic that was different from my voice. Thus a logical thought was to compare the spectra of both signals of PK-Incident-2.


Fig.8: PK-Incident-2 spectrum plot of spirit voice manifestation



Fig.9: PK-Incident-2 spectrum plot of source signal

First we can identify that in the source signal there is an area between 2000 Hz and 7000 Hz where the signal in the source signal contains a structure that is not visible in the voice manfestation. This could be due to the limiting frequency response of the InClip microphone that seems to have a low-pass characteristic.

Very interesting are the dominating 400 hz and 800 Hz peaks in the spirit voice signal. These are cleary frequencies that are basic frequencies of human speech and often occur in formants.

In the time domain comparison of both signals we also can see that the spirit voice signal contains more amplitude changes in the respective timeframe as the pure source signal does. So lets summarize these findings.

A spirit voice manifestation occurring in a source signal is characterized by

  • New signal components in the time domain
  • New signal components in the frequency domain
  • Changed voice characteristic
  • Persistent speech rhythm

These results make me think that the spirit voice manifestation is a projection of energy, not just remodeling the energy structure of an existing source signal.

On the other hand we can clearly observe that the metric of the speechs stays unaffected what would suggest that the signal is reconfigured - not renewed.

Currently I am hypothesizing something in between those both thoughts. I think spirit voice are an energy projection but it takes far more energy for the spirits to place their manifestation into a mould that already comes near to what they want to say instead of overriding the signal completely. I have two other thoughts that are supporting this suggestion.

1. If everything is just about reconfiguring the energy distribution in a signal then I see no reason why strong and clear voice sources shouldn't be affected as well as the low and weak ones are. But this was not observed.

2. We also have voice manifestations in white noise but those are very weak. This is because white noise has no "speech structure", no rhythm and metric the spirits could utilize for their information transfer.

As I already pointed out there is clearly the need for more investigation based on this experimental setup.


















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