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I asked what the spirits thought of Grant Reed's method

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You may have heard of EVP researcher Grant Reed.  He's kind of a character and has a YouTube channel with episodes which chronologically documents his EVP experiments.  More recently, he has been using what he refers to as his Sugar Bowl Method where he uses the sound of water from the tap filling a bowl as the basis of noise for his EVP experiments.

I had been wanting to move away from the use of Gibberish as my sound source for a number of reasons, and was thinking about trying his method.  I thought it would be interesting to ask the spirit personalities about it.  I asked two questions, GR1 "What do you think of Grant Reed's sugar bowl method for creating white noise" and then GR2 "Should I try it?"  Because of Max total size restrictions, I'm only able to upload the responses to the 1st question here.

They had a number of comments which seemed to relate to the questions.  I narrowed down my selections to present here but when considering all of the responses as a whole, it does give the sense that they are answering these two questions.  Well, that is if you can hear what I'm hearing.  

There are several examples of voice layering in these clips, and a pretty good one included at the end of the second question.  This session recording was made on 4.23.2022 using Spanish Male Gibberish and from my home.  This is my first time presenting and I am far from mastering the technique.  I invite suggestions.


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