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Smartphone used for EVP recordings

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I got some good results by using my Xiaomi Note 10 smartphone with an external microphone for recording and post processing. For recording I used the app "Smart Recorder" because you can set the microphone level with it and operation is very simple. For post processing I use NCH Wavepad.


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Currently I am on vacation on the Canary islands and I'm taking the time to check out the features my smartphone provides to record ITC sessions.

The following excerpts are from a recording made around noon on the balcony of our apartment. I used the background noise from the streets as support for the spirits and gained a lot of good samples.

Start-Recorder taped the signals 32KHz wave. The file was post processed in Wavepad by normalization, reverb (occasionally), 250Hz high pass (6dB roll off) and 20% auto Spectra substraction.

This soundslike a far cry 

 "Verpasst" -> "Missed"

 "Wir kommen" -> "We're coming"

 "Speak Eric!"

 "Behandlung" -> "Treatment"

 The spirits previously announced that in my vacation my body would undergo a change necessary to perform due to my spiritual evolvement. This really took place and was not very pleasant but useful.






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In our hotel where we have stayed was a nice pool on the sun terrace. In the rim going around the pool there were drain holes for the water cycle.


The water going through the holes made weird sounds that resembled fundamental parts of human voices. I recorded that sound and processed it with reverb, speech filter, and soectral substraction based on an audio noise sample. The results are interesting.


The voices are distorted but very strong in modulation. Their characteristics remind me of my experiments with graphite coherers.


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