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Reversing the recordings

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Hi all,
Would love your input on this:
With my research and work with EVP I read a few places where after listening for the first time - it is advised to reverse the recording and listen again and then we might hear communications.
Do you know something about this?
Can you approve that reversing might give results?
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I can confirm what Jeff said. A lot of messages I get are containing speech in both directions, forward and in reverse. Often one message is a continuation of the other one or something like question and answer. Basically I see the spirit voices as multilevel information containers. Apart from reverse speech I often got two voices with different speech using the same speech rhythm for different messages. Another weird effect is if you are analyzing a signal with a voice talking at high speed and you slow down the audio to make it more legible. Sometimes more slowing down unveils even more messages talking at normal speed. Speeding up slow talking voices can show the same effect vice versa.

Maybe a spirit signal is like a fractal that is full of different levels of entangled information, self similarities, reflections and possibilities that is taking its final shape only in our minds.

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I had recorded a very clear disembodied voice responding to me, but I didn't know what it said.  I thought it said "Cowelette", which made no sense.  After a month or so I thought to reverse the recording and it very clearly said "to the reich".  I have no idea why it said that....

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