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No 8 EVP Training with Anabela Cardosa

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Video Eight: Sound Editing of samples of the Direct Radio Voices (DRV)

In this Video Eight Anabela Cardoso exemplifies sound editing work on a couple of utterances recorded by Guillermo Campos. One of them says very clearly “É do Tempo” (It is from Tempo [Rio do Tempo]).
As reported in Anabela Cardoso’s Blog, Guillermo started receiving Direct Radio Voices after coming to Anabela’s house to get information and learn about ITC work.    He uses the same frequencies that Anabela works with, and the voices he receives, which identify themselves as coming from Rio do Tempo station, usually come through the radio tuned to 11.178 KHz, which is the frequency that Rio do Tempo’s voices come through at Anabela’s studio.

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Interesting. Is it really that the voices only appear on a certain frequency or do they appear on any frequency but they chose the one you mentioned because of the noise and background voices that probably are at optimum there?

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I think its quite wrong to think of spirit "broadcasting" on a certain frequency, when it can be proved that ITC reception can be inside a shielded enclosure deviod of any electromagnetic energy - and hence no possible reception of radio signals. Yes, youre onto the real truth Andres, in that the particular favourite radio frequency chosen contains the optimum mix of spectra and dynamics (when demodulated into audio) needed for ITC voices to form. I have read of radio voices being received while the radio dial is being moved along, so this would give weight to the argument that its all about the correct mixture of spectral audio passing through the audio circuits of the radio. The radio dial therefore in reality is an audio spectra selection device.

The text below the video is only a copy and paste from the YT video description.

A simple experimental approach to proving the non-validity of acoustic and/or electromagnetic origins of ITC voices is in this post...



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