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Synthesized Voice: Ongoing Spiricom Project 11-12-21

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Hello everyone, in private I'm still developing audio techniques and refining the process. 

Spirit has shown that they can control timing and modulation of this technique inside computers - which act as a "radio".

I've almost been able to correlate meditation to a live change in the sound - still working on that.

Spirit says that the energy field is responsible for this feat - though I'm still seeking answers.

They refer to this work as "energizing" sound, and seem quite intent on the final outcome- a scenario where they pass audio and visual messages in a synchronized fashion which to them is: Television.

Many days I think the first device will be a meditation device that will prove psychic energy.

Here's 2 recent samples - maybe the wizards here can isolate the sounds a little better 🙂

I am able to comprehend portions, and the audio quality varies slightly over time- due to unknown factors.

Current experiments are based off one thing only: sinewaves.

At this point in time voice contact has been established - we're "dancing around" the initial final conclusion - why and how does it work...and how can we improve it?

As far as the answers to our questions, or at least some of my questions...they will be answered soon.

Personally I don't think a device for anyone to communicate is feasible at this time, but I am acutely aware that spirit is quite adept at planning and when their voices are a little bit clearer - they can advise me.

The picture shows the ability of spirit to actually create sentence formations- including spaces between sentences - something which was previously unattainable.

We hope to leverage the researchers on our team once voice is ready. 



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