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Sinewave Modulation

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Hello everyone. Here's a clip from my latest experiment.

I'm continuing to find that balancing tones is crucial to the right modulation....and when viewed in the right frame of reference you can actually see the modulation in Adobe Audition. 

My question to the educated people here...if I say I have one or 2 audio tones balanced - and this is the core signal....(with spirit already amplifying it) ...what would you modulate it against to make it sound more human? 

The modulation effect still challenges me. I thought the modulation frequency had to be 3 or 4 times the base frequency. Maybe Im going at it backwards. So in these experiments I'm still investigating what exactly is causing the modulation.

Any ideas how to take a fundamental frequency and modulate it to get fuller voice?


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5 hours ago, Andres Ramos said:

Very good pk effect Keith! Can you try to multiply the signal with white or pink noise?

Hi Andres. Yes, I did try that. It works sometimes, but only when the spectra is already there, as Jeff pointed out.

I've got a super strong signal, sinewaves balanced seems to be key. My next step is to determine if it's what I input or the process itself that is so strong. Then I can work on expanding the voice. Wish the program took live audio, that would speed up the process considerably.

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