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2021Sep10 Paranormal Pictures in "Perlin" Noise LIVE Broadcast - Share Your Samples Here!

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Screenshot_20210910-171814_YouTube.jpgThis Week:
Paranormal Pictures in "Perlin" Noise. Learn about Perlin noise, where it came from, and how you can use it in your own Paranormal experiments!

Today we will take a look at Perlin noise experiments and show you how you can experiment with this method of paranormal communication yourself, for FREE! Using Varanormal Perlin noise or a free software app called Spektrocom.

    A. Perlin noise: what is it?
    B. Whats the history in relation to paranormal experiments? How did we get here?
        1. Website gallery
        2. Martin Bellefuille Spektrocom
        3. Jeremy Michael Bloxsom
        4. L Garrigue, IFRES, seances
    C. What's the premise behind using Perlin for paranormal experiments? How do we think it works?

A. How to experiment with Varanormal Perlin noise on Varanormal
B. How to experiment with Spektrocom software by Martin Bellefuille from ExtremeSenses.com
C. How to take pictures from your phone or mobile device and use DVR feature on YouTube

Join us weekly as we explore Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) - where Technology and Spirituality meet. Learn how to successfully experiment and share your knowledge and experiences with others.
Streaming LIVE to Facebook & YouTube
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