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The power of diaphragms

Andres Ramos


In summer 2021 I started ITC experiments with devices that incorporated rather electromechanical principles instead of electronics. There still was some electronic in use but mainly I transferred the mechanical vibrations of an oscillating relay via a mechanical spring to a diaphragm in a cardboard tube. I called this design the


The results were pretty good. As ot turned out the whole system acted like the emulation of a human larynx and pharynx.

I decided to extend my experiments on more mechanically based methods to generate vibrations to be transferred to a diaphragm.

My latest design was using a small slow turning motor with a spring and a ball mounted to the shaft. The acting of the slow turning ball pressed against the diaphragm generated voice patterns. A problem was that the noise from the gears contaminated the signal. Most amazingly after a while I found out that this noise gave much better results than the original signal.

To gain more entropy I combined the motor with the 


circuit. As I found out the Lingua speech processor gave very interesting results after picking up the sound signal from the inside of the tube.

The voices have a very characteristic sound. All are in German.










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Very interesting Andres. There is a rhythm of human speech in these audio clips and the possible communicator might be a male. But I am unable to differentiate the words and cannot confirm that the language is German. I will follow this experiment  with the idea that it could later lead to the discovery of a new method of producing more recognizable electronic voices. I see that you try to create an artificial (human) larynx/pharyx - the same principle than in the seances, where spiritis are using the larynx of the trance medium in order to produce human speech. Good and unique idea which might lead to new discoveries !

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