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About this blog

In this blog I will describe experiments with devices that provide psychokinetic manifestation of spirit voices with mainly electromechanical means.

My designs are based on the question, what devices could Thomas Edison have made with the technology available at that time.

Entries in this blog

Buzzer EVP

I did another interesting experiment today. I used my Spica chaos electronic circuit and attached an electric buzzer to it. A buzzer mainly behaves like the oscillating relay in my VISPRE device. By tuning the chaos pattern and the current through the buzzer I could make it emitt snaring sounds with speech rhythms. VID_20211127_180322.mp4 I could record and export some fairly good voices. Geh an Weihnachten.mp3   Geh danach in weisse Nacht.mp3   In Reichstag gehen.mp3

Andres Ramos

Andres Ramos in ITC

Rotating steel ball and diaphragm

Today I finished a prototype where I incorporated all the findings and conclusions I gained from my previous experiments. VID_20211120_170126.mp4   A steel ball is mounted to the rotating shaft of a gear motor. The motor is controlled by the SPICA circuit. The ball is pressed against the diaphragm on a tube. The tube is closed and a microphone picks up the signal from the inside of the tube. The signal is post processed online with the lingua device. I also implemented a h

Andres Ramos

Andres Ramos in ITC

The power of diaphragms

In summer 2021 I started ITC experiments with devices that incorporated rather electromechanical principles instead of electronics. There still was some electronic in use but mainly I transferred the mechanical vibrations of an oscillating relay via a mechanical spring to a diaphragm in a cardboard tube. I called this design the VISPRE The results were pretty good. As ot turned out the whole system acted like the emulation of a human larynx and pharynx. I decided to extend my expe

Andres Ramos

Andres Ramos in ITC

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