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A transition from astral projector to ITC inventor

Michael Lee


For many years, I've seen myself as one of those special people who can visit the spirit realms at night during my dreams. So special, that frankly, no one, besides myself, really cares. I could tell you any of the adventures I've had and you'd either think I was going crazy or I was already there. 

You see, it's one thing to report to what I'm seeing and hearing and it's another to see it and hear it yourself. Years ago, I dreamt about researchers somehow tapping into my brain while I was projecting, so they could record my view.

I've known about ITC for over a decade, but thought it was outside of my expertise. I'm really good with computer programming, but my electronics skills were "shockingly" bad. I always thought ITC was about making fancy electronic devices that somehow picked up the spirit ether. Thanks to random YouTube videos I cam across in 2018, I realized that ordinary electronics could be used just as well. At first, I followed the strategies of the tried and true like software Ghost Boxes, but realized I could do better, a lot better.

The principle behind a ghost box, is a fast scan through radio stations with intermittent sound and silence. Spirits are somehow able to amplify bits and pieces of the audio and extend them into the silence. The one thing I didn't like about this setup, is that the source audio (radio clips) was unpredictable and unknown. I wanted to know what was real and what was supposedly "spirit."

Thus, I developed my first invention, which I'll describe in my next post. Hint: it resembles EVP maker, but once again, it's more predictable and more known. No randomness. Let the spirits do that 🙂


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No. I was starting from the start. This was referring to my phonetic typewriter. A pre-recorded set of scrambled phonemes played weakly through a USB audio interface. The additive noise triggers a software noise gate to allow spirits' selection of phonemes to pass through.

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Great blog post Michael. Honest, genuine. That'd all anyone truly asks for.

Without doubt your efforts and contributions to the Varanormal team are well to be considered. 

Anyone can experiment.

Not everyone expresses the challenges associated with such a monumental task.

And for that, we thank you.

Read this post 5 years from now. 

Maybe by then people will come to learn that what we experience on a daily basis is real, and has an effect. Its our task, and mine specifically, to ensure that this information is available to anyone, anytime.

A lot of ground to cover. One byte at a time.

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