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Physical Mediumship Fact or Fiction2.docx


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Physical Mediumship Fact or Fiction2.docx

2019, Spiritualist National Union
Publication Date: 2019
Publication Name: Spiritualist National Union
Since the first public demonstration of Mediumship in 1849, mediums have been accused of fraudulent behavior. Today the debate continues as the SNU set guidelines for physical séances to protect the reputation of their establishments. Additionally, the Internet continues the discussion through blogs, YouTube, and websites. Although, there will always be skeptics, the role of Spiritualism in contemporary physical mediumship tends to be neglected as materialism overshadows spirituality. The need to make a living can turn physical mediums into “mixed mediums,” where part of their séance is real and part magic trick. This thesis explores physical mediumship from the Seven Principles, the foundation of Spiritualist philosophy, to examine its truth or falsity.
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