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8-16-21 ThereIsGonnaBeEnergyAtTheCircle

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In today's clip from Stream6 (currently under development) I hear the following:

"You're starting to think.....if you expect...and/that **there is gonna be energy at the circle**..how effective _ _ _  It looks like a me-d-ium...can expla-in it, then Patrick will.."

Part clairaudience, Part experience, Part technology

Listen for the sentence in the middle (I used astericks* to show that portion)

This technique requires brain syncing with the cadence and voice, along with "tuning" your mind via meditation and/or by listening to the stream. Don't feel bad if you don't hear anything. Let me know - this will help me ascertain the development as I go. Ok to say "I can't hear it" 

I've learned that psychic faculties are extending my "hearing" beyond what is typical.






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I had to use my phone as my laptop downloads work in a more complicated manner. I can hear speaking but it'll take me a few more tries to see if I can make it out. I am hearing something about being ready, but can't make out the rest yet.

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