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ITC - The Big Picture

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Thinking big has its advantages. We need is a Theory of Everything that includes subtle-realm phenomena, is scientifically provable, and technologically possible. 

ITC has been around well over 100 years, and yet we still struggle with the same problems. There is progress, for sure, and the brilliant technicians at Varanormal are accelerating it. But there is an X factor missing, and tools that have yet to be developed. Besides tweaking the technology we already know, we need to look for that X factor(s). 

It probably has something in common with other paranormal phenomena like energy healing, time travel, teleportation, astral travel, apparitions, etc. – all related.

To do that, we need to look outside the ITC box. For example, what if there are discoveries in quantum physics that could shed light on how information is transduced from one dimension to another? What do we know about quantum physics? We could do a directed inquiry into that science, looking for ITC clues. That task alone could be a full-time job, scanning the literature for clues. (For example, I collect articles on breakthroughs in quantum physics that could apply, and other topics when I find them on random news reading apps). 

Other interdisciplinary areas to explore, with the same goal in mind:

Deep spiritual sciences and practices
Western philosophy
Eastern philosophy
Metaphysical reality maps, comparative spiritual cosmology
Consciousness research
Biofeedback and mind tech
Psychedelic drugs
Mediumship, magic, psychism, remote viewing
Energetic healing devices
Morphic resonance, sacred geometry
OBE’s, NDE’s, ET’s, ghost research
Channeled materials
Scalar waves
Physics generally, and it’s multiple theories of time-space-matter. 
Even astronomy has clues. 
Simulation Theory
Stochastic Resonance
Reich and Rife
Computer science
Many theories circulating in the science-spirit culture
And this is just a small sampling of a larger, interrelated taxonomy. 

Information sources include:

Publications and media in the above-named specialties
Dozens of ITC websites, books and recordings, many of which need translating
Magazines and online articles.
Social media posts. 
Open-source scientific papers, like at Academia.edu
Even ostensibly low-level sources like Reddit and Quora. Talent can be found in the most unexpected places. 
Private correspondences.
“Anomalous phenomena” media, bibliographies and literature
New Age circles – conferences, writers and speakers

If we don’t take a more comprehensive approach, we could overlook that X factor, and be spinning wheels a long time. If we succeed, we contribute not only to ITC, but to other sciences. We could be the keystone. 

For additional perspectives on this, view my blog here:


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You are certainly right, Steve. We need a comprehensive approach for the paranormal on general. However the list of faculties you presented is very long. I wonder how we will be able to follow everything that is accomplished in those areas. And we don't just need to read it, we also must understand and analyze it. Certainly we should try at least to cover some of the areas you listed.

For  my little lot I occasionally try to align the results of my experiments with some theoretical thoughts. In the documentation section you can find my paper "The Coherer effect" where I tried to built a bridge between the ITC effect in granular media and quantum tunneling effects.

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Yes, it's a lot, and that is the point. A comprehensive approach has advantages.  Sometimes, a lone inventor can make a breakthrough that changes everything. Or a small group of volunteers and a growing open-source community, like Varanormal. At other times, you need a company with many employees. I've even fantasized about the proverbial "moon shot" approach to ITC development and related aspects, where huge amounts of public and private money are infused to accomplish an important goal. When I look at how long it is taking (well over 100 years) for ITC to reach the milestones we all wish for, I lean in the direction of bigger is better (and faster). On the other hand, I'm impressed with the talent and progress of this community in such a short time. 

I have perused "The Coherer Effect" paper and participated to some extent, but want to dig into it more deeply. Thanks for your contributions!

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