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Free Energy and ITC

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A potentially adjunctive technology to ITC is "Free Energy" aka "Over-Unity" devices. These are machines that output more energy than is input. It sounds like this goes against natural law, but it doesn't once you understand. It's the next revolution in energy technology, and I it may draw on the same physics as energy healing and ITC. The physics is worth exploring in relation to how it can be applied to ITC research and development. Here are some links to free energy sites:


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One strange thing I observed was while I was testing the EVP Honk (see posting in the parent section). I used a self oscillating relay, a spring and a membrane. With the right mechanical tension the whole system fell into a state of complex self oscillation. Normally the relay needs roughly 30mA to switch over safely. In my setup the current to activate the relay was lower because the spring already dragged the anchor of the relay in the direction of the "on" state. Nevertheless, as the system went into the described state of self oscillating the current dropped down to 3mA while the relay kept on oscillating. 3mA is literally nothing for a circuit powered by a solenoid and I wondered how this was possible. 

Jeff hypothesized there could be a overunity effect behind it.

10 years ago I did lots of experiments with free energy devices like the Bedini motor and radiant chargers. I was not very successful but I remember practically all of them used sharply switched inductors to realize very short and high impulses.

So maybe there is some more to investigate here.

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That's fascinating, Andres, that you got what could be an over-unity effect while playing with EVP! One theory of how ITC works is that it draws on the zero point, aka energy of the vacuum. Some ITC devices, like the TDC, are designed to create a zero point field as the place spirit can interact with, implying an equivalence between etheric energy and zero point. Zero point is also a prominent design factor in free energy research. It may even be behind the free energy devices based on cavitation (exploding water bubbles) that we are discussing in another thread. I'm curious as to what free energy devices you experimented with, besides Bedini. 

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