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meditate often, get close to nature and learn

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s.jpg.e3391904c425df9d2d1618fbc3d84169.jpg"MEDITATE, often. Separate yourself for a season from the cares of the world. Get close to nature and LEARN from the lowliest of that which manifests in nature, in the earth; in the birds, in the trees, in the grass, in the flowers, in the bees..."


(ECRL 1089-3)

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We are trying to reach deceased people, aliens and other dimensions. What about the nature spirits, fairy folk, devas, and many other similar entities. According to the fairy lore, many of these "spirits" are very straightforward , simple in their thinking and devote their life for the protection of  all living things - even a specifc plant, tree or a piece of land . These entities have a long history and a place in our mythologies. Has any of us started experimenting with them using whatever method and how are the results ? Mother Earth is sick and at death's door at the moment. Their work is very important !



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