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High Voltage Assisting The Reception Of Ghost Voices

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I have put this question to Andres Ramos, who I believe has purchased a Tesla coil from China, and is waiting for this to be delivered, but I thought I would throw this out there for everyone.

I have seen time after time, people claiming the scent of Ozone when Ghosts have supposedly been seen, and there have been many experiments by a TV "Ghost" Personality, using Ozone Generator, and Tesla Coils during ghost hunts.

Overall these experiments have led to a increased voices on receivers when the High voltage generators have been turned on.

So whatcha think?

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From the viewpoint of quantum mechanics there is an interdimendional border between the hereafter and the physical realm. This border likely is leaking energy maybe in both directions. When particles are popping out of quantum noise this could be the manifestation of creational forces here in our world. Tesla tried to tap zero point energy from the other dimension. As far as I know his coils were always part of the design for those devices. The tesla coil is not just producing high voltage, it's a high tension resonance phenomenon more like a loud electric tone. I assume that his setup could puncture the border between the dimensions temporarily and this could also improve spirit connection. A fascinating idea is to modulate this high tension with tones or our own voices and see what happens.

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Andres has a great circuit that uses high voltage driving a Neon Flame Flicker Lamp. We have both worked on this to make the circuit as basic as possible, and easy to recreate.

You can hear the vocalization rhythm within the flicker even before the audio is analyzed by software. The actual design is quite brilliant, and not particularly hard to build.

As per usual, Andres is Brilliant in the design of this.

I have always been a believer that high voltage assists "punching thru" the either, into another realm.


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