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In the past I had some very good voice ITC results with plastic foil that I crumpled gently with my fingers. The generated audio signal sounds a little like crackling fire. As my mediality grew over the years I started to recognize speech patterns in lots of sound sources. Since I am a fan of wine gum to my utter amazement the crumpling of those plastic bags containing the gums had a sound like a clipped voice. After I discovered that those signals can be greatly improved by applying the Paulstretch function in Audacity I got very good results!

Recently I talked to Michael Lee and he told me he had programmed an ML model for impulse voices, exactly what I would need to decode my signals. I installed his phython application and did some tests with a 1 minute sequence of a PFC recording. Despite the fact that all the parameters Michael provided to tweak his ML, are not yet fully exploited the results are impressive. Hear the following excerpts.

The messages are a bilingual mix of german and english phrases. One phrase has a relation with water. This is interesting so far since I am doing experiments with water currently. Maybe this is an advice to take some drops of water with me and let it be conditioned by my own PSI field. Then I got the messages that there are some beings hating me and that they are weak. This could be related to physical or hereafter beings not wanting me to evolve. Very interesting was the message "I am faxing" as this is a hint to a specified technology. Faxing means the decomposition of a document in lines of pixels that are transmitted as sequences of tones over a communication line and the reconstructed at the endpoint. Could that be an advice to see spirit signals as frequency modulated signals encoding images or text? I'll keep this in mind.



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This is very good. I will continue testing with PFC since it gives the best results. Maybe I will also test the Coherer mill a bit more but it's results don't seem very promising.

I would also like to feed the LIM signal on Stream 4 into your ML via VAC but I don't know if I need another model for it because it's not impulses but more nousy sounds.

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