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Confirmation from my brother


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One good story for me is that I had asked my brother (who had passed when we were much younger, but who I continued to talk with and sense when he was around) and my spirit guides to help me find a good life partner. I listed all the characteristics I'd need to have a successful match. I was struggling, thought I'd be alone forever (and I had accepted that), but really wanted a true partner. I knew he didn't exist but I asked anyway. 

Skipping many details and fast forwarding several months, I was struggling with my health again. I was tired of struggling and dealing with these health issues. I had gone to bed with a massive migraine and just was feeling very low and lost. A few minutes later, my partner came into the room and asked if I had put a picture in his back pocket. We had been out with friends that evening for many hours. The picture he had in his hand was my favorite picture of my brother and me together that was in a completely different city at that time. I knew it was both my brother confirming that I had found the right partner I had asked for and assuring me that everything was going to be okay. He brought this man into my life. 20 years later today, I have that same partner. 

I'm guessing there were other signs prior to this night with the picture, but when I don't feel well (health wise), I'm not paying attention. This definitely got my attention and made me feel so much better

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It's fascinating to see how different people are telling different stories from different life's and the meaning is always coherent. You told that when you don't feel well you are not paying attention to what you are being told from the hereafter. However on the other hand your story contains one very crucial element. You were becoming aware of this afterlife connection with your brother in a state of bad physical health and emotional condition. I heard and experienced this very often. A situation becomes unbearable up to the point if someone breaks down and exactly in this moment the magic takes place! I really think we need those breakdown, these catharsis to let go certain parts of ourselves that are obstacles for our own spiritual evolvement. Sometimes we need to get shocked and shaked to blast away our chains.

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