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Facebook post with interesting channeled message

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I found this on FB last night. I asked the original poster and got permission to post it here.
This comes from the FB group:

Channeled messages are all over the place in the social media, but, this one in particular got my attention. 

In my spiritist church we do channeling like this, from the highest light realms, very often (including from the one source you'll see in this message at the end). I had always found these messages to have a very special ring, even beyond they significance. So, I wanted to share ir here.




Channeled message
Hannah are you with me?
Absolutely !
I would like to speak with Adironda
Greetings Beloved and thank you for requesting my presence today !
Q. Adironda what can we expect today as the “Shift” is in session?
A. Great things await you and all who choose to advance, move up and into the new paradigm and we are so excited to be here to witness and assist in this. It is a tremendous achievement that has occurred on planet Earth one that will be spoken about for some time to come.
There are many beings who are more than delighted with your success.
Q. What can I share with Humanity this day?
A. Share this: It is most important at this time to remain in a state of relaxation. Calmness is very important for you now. There are so many who are so agitated and frustrated with what is going on in their world. So much is said about Presidents and leaders and who is and who isn't. It does not matter. What does matter is this - how you treat another as well as yourself is critical at this moment. Compassion is truly the key, not letting the throes of the mind cloud your thoughts and actions. Now is the time to reach out that hand to someone or some thing like an animal or pet if there’s no one else around.
Q. Adironda will you avail yourself to us in a way that we can visualize your presence?
A. No - You will raise your vibration high enough to see me and all the other beings here to enjoy the show called “The Ascension of Earth”.
It is a wonderful program and it looks to be one heck of a show!
What I can say to you is this: We love you deeply and we care for each and everyone of you. But make no mistake this is your time to shine, your chance to show compassion. There are so many living in fear right now. Understand their plight, give them comfort even if it is only a smile it really does go along way to ease the mind of those who have gotten themselves into a funk or even a frenzy.
(Fade of energy/connection then silence)
Greetings Dear ONES it is I KRYON
What is happening now upon GAIA is a rebirth so long in the making. There are those who said this time might never come but it has. Humanity has found that place in their hearts that releases the old paradigms which then negate the prophecy that would have spelled an end for Humanity. It was never guaranteed. So that is why there has been so much help available. This is your time Dear ONES. Again let me say there is nothing to prepare for all is in perfect order.
Let this time be of Joy and Celebration
(Fade of energy/connection then silence)
I am the ONE you know as Jesus and this is to be quite a day in Your existence that will be documented and referred to as "that moment”. The moment of realization has arrived for those who are expecting something better. No longer having to hope and pray for conditions to improve. The moment is now and it is occurring globally. The energies and vibrations penetrating the Earths atmosphere are of Liberation. Freeing Humanity from the grips of darkness that have dominated life on Earth for much too long.
You will have the opportunity to connect with those who until now have been seen in the shadows often just out of sight yet frequently captured in the corner of your eyes.
Our Love is real and we can't wait to take your hand so reach out to us, call upon us your family and we will oblige.
Remain in Love Remain in Peace and rest assured knowing that your greatest expectations are not nearly enough. For the Love we have and the Celebrations planned for are far greater than the Human imagination can fathom.
So be at ease this day and enjoy what is availed to you.
I am that ONE that you know as Jesus and I will speak with you again
Transcribed by


Edited by Fernando Luis Cacciola Carballal
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