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Itc smoke method

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Hello dear friends of instrumental transcommunication. I would like to introduce you here in this contribution, the smoke method of instrumental transcommunication in the visual field, which is not so widespread in Germany, and bring some light into the darkness. Briefly to my person, since I am a new member, I would like to introduce myself. I am Daniel Bäßler 40 years old and live in Flöha (Saxony) Germany.

How did I come to the ITK. 

I started experimenting with tape voices 11 years ago, had several breaks in between for family reasons. Over the years, of course, through social media Facebook, etc., you get to know many people and new friendships that are in the same field of interest as, for example, Michael Brandel. Through Michael Brandel I came to visual ITK and made my first experiences with the water method, but at first it was not as successful as I had hoped. Later in August 2020 I had a serious motorcycle accident, the consequences were several broken bones etc..... From this point it really started, with the visual ITK, the water method. Since I had a lot of time after my traffic accident, I swung the cooking pot medially and refined and expanded the technique in many experiments e.g. that I used a mirror. The results became better and better also so that about the social media e.g. different Facebook groups about sharing my results / pictures that were also recognized by the relatives. About my pictures, since I posted them on Facebook as mentioned above. So in the beginning I always circled the otherworldly, later I provided the faces with red arrow always from bottom to top. So that outside people who are not familiar with the subject can also recognize it visually. 

The first experiments with the smoke method.

After about 1 year later I started to work with the smoke method. For this purpose I got myself a damper, a so-called e-cigarette with liquid and various LED lamps. The first experiments were in bathroom, with a big round mirror with blue light. I took pictures at the beginning, without a tripod so that I could be seen in the pictures. The results were positive, but I was not yet so satisfied, because the contrast in the background was not so good. What struck me but with a picture is that in front of the mirror in a picture my reflection has changed the face, but I have not paid so much attention, but what later plays an important role.

Experiments with black background and reader.
After the first experiments in front of the mirror, I moved to the basement and worked there with a black background, which brings out the contours of the smoke better with a properly adjusted light source. The eagerness to keep experimenting also led me to work with readers. This was also crowned with success.

Experiments in front of the smart TV.

Now, before I start this section, I would like to add something important, and that is the mirror. So, the mirror has in its components mainly glass, fused quartz, crystals, and so on. The crystal is a natural element and is also used as known in the ITK research in the audible and in the visual area e.g. crystal photography. What I want to get at the mirror or the TV or a smartphone has a glass pane which has the same effect as a mirror made of crystal elements, and in my experience has great influence on the results. For the experiments in front of the TV, I had gotten a tripod and a Bluetooth remote control where you can take pictures from a distance. I mostly used two light sources. A normal light which shines diagonally from the bottom right to the top left of the TV and a blue light which is about in the middle and shines from the bottom to the top. Mostly I sit in front of the TV left side so that the light illuminates me and my face I reflected in the TV. Then I take my e-cigarette and blow the smoke lightly into the cone of light and incidentally take so 30 photos. Of course, as with other methods, the image material must be evaluated. Also here is the same as in the audible range that you have to train your eyes visually. What you also have to pay attention to is that when photographing or recording a video, the lighting conditions fit, otherwise it could happen that the images / smoke contours become blurred and thus unusable. When evaluating the images, it is advisable to do it in a dark room. Since the usually darker images are visually easier to recognize. Furthermore, it should be noted that you must look at the images from all sides, because the otherworldly also like to show themselves overhead or from the side of the image. What also often happens is that the faces in the smoke can overlap so that, for example, several faces in a large face to be recognized. When evaluating the video material, the chances of capturing faces are higher, since 30 images are captured per 1 second, which can be evaluated gradually - this also works well with the water method. For Android smartphones, the app is called Frame by Frame.
The results that I have recorded with the smoke method and the smart TV are really amazing for me, about 80% of the otherworldly show up in pure smoke. 5% where objects manifest in the smoke e.g. wristwatch, shoe, castle or work equipment. What they want to say with it or what it has to do with it I can not say so.
The remaining 15% I have found that they are otherworldly in a position to change my reflection which is reflected in the TV / transform and also in another position to my head can change. What is physically not possible. After several tests without smoke, I have not succeeded in creating this phenomenon so that my reflection changes so. 

My conclusion for me, the key of the whole Spirit Photography lies in the natural elements: Crystal, water and the own spiritual mediumistic work.

Thanks for reading, translated from German to English with a translation program.😁

You can also visit my Youtube channel where I will upload my ITC pictures piece by piece of the water, smoke and Klaus Schreiber method.





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Such an interesting method to try, thank you for sharing these really cool images. I think, as with all known methods that are already known (those with a genuine and serious interest) should attempt to modify and try different ways to see if already known experiments can be tweaked, to produce different methods. (I hope that makes sense lol). I myself have attempted the Schreiber method only a handful of times, I will say this though, twice whilst attempting visual ITC I can clearly see eyes, it’s not just one or two eyes here and there but several in fact? And I not only see them whilst I’m rewatching the playback frame by frame, I could clearly see them whilst attempting the actual recording. At first I thought I was seeing things lol (although I’m not sure how or why I would imagine eyes on the tv screen and then be able to see them on playback?). As, surely if I had imagined the eyes, they wouldn’t be there when I reviewed the video? 
Either way I shall be attempting the Schreiber method lots more (although it would be fruitless if those whom communicate don’t want to attempt it with me lol).

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Hello, the principles are actually the same whether water, smoke or Klaus Schreiber method or even spectacle photography. The Spirits need some kind of raw material like in tape voices, so they can manifest visually. You can also use black coffee, the surface acts like a mirror. By reflecting the light and the environment, it is a kind of raw material. By vibrating and moving the surface they can manifest. What is often seen is that they also like to overlap and thus are not so easy to recognize and there are very many but you can tell with a trained eye what you develop over time. 
look but on my Youtube channel there are videos of the 3 methods of me to see. 


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Rheoscopic fluid means "current showing" fluid. Such liquids are effective in visualizing dynamic currents in fluids, such as convection and laminar flow. They are microscopic crystalline platelets such as mica, metallic flakes, or fish scales in suspension in a fluid such as water or glycol stearate.

When the fluid is put in motion, the suspended particles orient themselves in localized, preferential alignment, larger parts of the fluid moving sheer parallel to other parts of the fluid. With appropriate illumination, the particle-filled fluid will reflect differing intensities of light.

  • From Wiki




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Towards the end of this article which I found excellent is  "After my long search, one video had 'mica powder' in the description. My wife was over my shoulder and said nonchalantly that it is used in makeup to give that sparkly appearance. It's also used in shampoo to give it that distinct shiny goo look. It's non-soluble with water which is why it doesn't mix. So I face-palmed myself for thinking it was some exotic substance and ordered white cosmetic mica powder from amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Shimmer-Powder-Cosmetic-Slice-Moon/dp/B008H3NJ4G/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1397076546&sr=8-3&keywords=mica+powder

that link is still current and leads to the mica powder.  I knew I knew the name as in I should have remembered it is used in women's make up.  This one product can be purchased in many colours.



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  "It's also used in shampoo"

I put some water in a bowl and then poured in some shampoo - since water is colourless the shampoo stands out.  I did the same with water and hair conditioner and obtained another interesting effect. 

In both cases since I had no food colouring I could not test that part of colouring the water.  

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Hello Again,

Apologies for the late response.

A huge thanks to Karyn for posting the info.

There is a Pre-Mixed solution called Pearl Swirl Rheoscopic Concentrate.  It is already tinted blue.

I'm not sure if its readily available where you are but it can be purchased on Amazon.

Karyn is also correct about using certain shampoos with water.

The stuff I had used in the above video is a food-grade mica that comes pre-tinted in Blue - Green and Silver.

Part of the experiments involved using a small aquarium pump to slowly circulate the water in a large pan.

Other times I just agitated the water by moving the tray from side to side.

Experiments that did not work so good was using a small aquarium and the pump.  There seemed to be too much reflection from the glass of the aquarium...even when I used back lighting.

One experiment I never did was to use a magnetic stirrer to create a vortex.  I still like the idea.





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Thank you both for your answers. I will get me food color first in blue. I know what you mean if that goes with shampoo I do not know that foams but certainly. But the glitter powder is also available for tinkering for Christmas decoration. I want to test aufjedenfall that looks interressant. Thanks for the tips. I will report in any case after the experiments.  
Greetings Daniel from Germany

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